Nigeria, Neighbours Meet on Boko Haram

Updated: Tue 25 Nov, 04:34 am

The fourth meeting of military and security chiefs from the Lake Chad Basin Commission and Benin Republic, began in  Abuja with Nigeria's Minister of Defence Aliyu Gusau Mohammed, urging member … read more »

UN Expert Decries Benin's Child Abuse

Updated: Mon 11 Nov, 10:15 am 2013

Following a visit that revealed that the exploitation of children is widespread in the country, a United Nations independent expert has urged Benin to make child protection a priority. read more »

Benin's Antimalaria Plants to be Studied

Updated: Wed 30 Jan, 11:10 am 2013

A study has suggested that strategies be developed to exploit the knowledge of Benin's traditional healers regarding the treatment of malaria with medicinal plants. read more »