Cameroon's Muslims Shun Boko Haram

Updated: Thu 31 Jul, 06:59 am

In a concerted effort to distance themselves from the extremist Nigerian group Boko Haram, Muslim leaders in Cameroon have been organising workshops, seminars and public demonstrations to sensitise … read more »

Cameroon's Eto'o in Talks with Italian Club

Updated: Wed 9 Jul, 07:17 am

Samuel Eto'o may be moving to Italian giants AS Roma if the club agrees to pay a reportedly hefty wage demand by the 33 year-old player. read more »

Boko Haram Abducts Wife of Cameroon Minister

Updated: Tue 29 Jul, 01:59 am

Suspected members of the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram have reportedly abducted the wife of Cameroon's deputy prime minister following a raid in the northern part of the country. read more »