Global Group Slammed for Accepting Ethiopia

Updated: Fri 21 Mar, 05:08 am

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, a global coalition of governments, companies and civil society seeking openness and accountability in the management of natural resource revenues, … read more »

Guinea Moves to Strip Billionaire of Ore Deal

Updated: Thu 10 Apr, 06:14 am

Following a major transatlantic investigation into what has been dubbed "the deal of the century" involving Israeli mining billionaire Beny Steinmetz, a Guinean government committee has recommended … read more »

Liberia Ships First Iron Ore in Two Decades

Updated: Fri 30 Sep, 02:06 pm 2011

A colorful ceremony commencing Liberia's first shipment of iron ore since the end of the country's civil war took place in the southeastern port city of Buchanan. read more »