'Conflict Minerals' Law Aimed at Congo Conflict Gets Tech Boost

Updated: Wed 17 Dec, 01:04 pm

The tech tools that led to the 'conflict minerals' provision of the 2009 Dodd-Frank Act can now be used to help attact the problems the law is designed to solve - conflict and corruption in the … read more »

Burundi to Open Nickel Mine

Updated: Wed 15 Oct, 09:16 am

The country will see the launch of the first nickel mining venture at the Musongati site where 150 million tons of the metal is expected to be mined. read more »

Talks Fail to Redefine 'Blood Diamonds'

Updated: Wed 27 Nov, 09:37 am 2013

A meeting of Kimberley Process meeting calling for stiffer penalties for those dealing in blood diamonds has failed to come up with a broader definition of the term. read more »