Mozambique's Ex-Rebels Call for Unity Govt

Updated: Wed 22 Oct, 07:28 am

Renamo Leader Alfonso Dhlakama, is reportedly calling for a unity government which would restructure state apparatus and security forces following an election he has refused to endorse. read more »

Mozambique Rulers Win But With Fewer Votes

Updated: Sat 25 Oct, 01:30 am

The former rebel movement and now opposition party, Renamo, is the main beneficiary as the ruling Frelimo is returned to power, but with sharply reduced majorities. read more »

Mozambique: Where Armando Guebuza Failed

Updated: Mon 22 Sep, 10:36 am

President  Armando Guebuza is set to step down after the October elections. While he has been hailed for some positive strides, he faces huge criticism for failing to tackle corruption, poverty, … read more »