Gambia-Senegal Frontier Closed - Reports

Updated: Wed 23 Apr, 09:31 am

There are unconfirmed reports that President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia has ordered the closure of his country's border with Senegal in what is believed to a dispute over the transport tariff levy between … read more »

Senegalese Musician to Run for Dakar's Mayor?

Updated: Thu 3 Apr, 06:06 am

Grammy-winning singer, percussionist and composer-cum-politician Youssou N'dour is considering to run for Dakar's mayor in municipal elections in June. read more »

Senegal - The Invasion of Pornographic Websites

Updated: Fri 17 Aug, 07:13 am 2012

A rights group is calling on the Senegalese government to ban access to pornographic websites which are "gradually taking over the country's cyber space", but others are not so sure. read more »