Gambia-Senegal Frontier Closed - Reports

Updated: Wed 23 Apr, 09:31 am

There are unconfirmed reports that President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia has ordered the closure of his country's border with Senegal in what is believed to a dispute over the transport tariff levy between … read more »

Senegalese Musician to Run for Dakar's Mayor?

Updated: Thu 3 Apr, 06:06 am

Grammy-winning singer, percussionist and composer-cum-politician Youssou N'dour is considering to run for Dakar's mayor in municipal elections in June. read more »

Senegal Names New Prime Minister

Updated: Tue 8 Jul, 07:59 am

Two days after the resignation of his predecessor, Mohamed Dionne, who is reported to be a close aide of President Macky Sall, has been named the new prime minister. read more »