Editor 'Secret Security Risk' - Swaziland Govt

Updated: Thu 3 Apr, 05:11 am

The Swaziland government says it has to put Bheki Makhubu, the magazine editor charged with contempt of court, in leg irons because he is a "security risk". read more »

Nurses Protest Against Healthcare System in Swaziland

Updated: Tue 7 Aug, 09:06 am 2012

Shortages of essential medicines and supplies at public hospitals and clinics are adding strain to an already deteriorating healthcare system in the wake of strike action and the loss of nurses over … read more »

Women Promote Their Rights in Swaziland

Updated: Mon 7 Jan, 04:47 am 2013

Despite a new constitution that grants equal rights to men and women, activists say discrimination has continued. Many women have joined hands to promote their rights and welfare. read more »