Swaziland King Takes 14th Wife

Updated: Tue 2 Sep, 10:56 am

King Mswati III has taken a 19-year-old former beauty pageant contestant as his newest wife shortly after thousands of girls participated in the kingdom's annual Umhlanga or Reed Dance. read more »

Swazi Girls Caned for Not Dancing for King

Updated: Wed 1 Oct, 05:13 am

More than 30 girls apparently refused to take part in the annual Reed Dance where virgins from all over the kingdom are required to dance topless. read more »

Swaziland: Farmers Struggle to Afford Inputs

Updated: Tue 15 Jan, 07:11 am 2013

The country's smallholder farmers have to use traditional methods to grow crops as it is expensive to hire a tractor. read more »