Focus on Building Resilient Cities to Improve Lives

Updated: Thu 22 May, 01:45 pm

Developing viable, livable and resilient cities is increasingly seen as being of critical importance to giving opportunities to Africans to improve their lives.In a series on how Africans are building … read more »

World Cities - Spotlight on Sustainable Urban Planning

Updated: Mon 3 Nov, 03:31 am

As the world's urban areas inevitably expand, growing both in size and in population, they will also need to transition into better planned and better managed environments or risk exacerbating … read more »

Lack of Toilets and Lousy Maps Help Criminals Succeed

Updated: Tue 11 Nov, 08:09 am

Poor sanitation and lousy maps contribute to the persistent crime problems facing residents of Cape Town's Khayelitsha and other impoverished communities across Africa. These high-crime areas often … read more »