Lack of Toilets and Lousy Maps Help Criminals Succeed

Updated: Tue 11 Nov, 08:09 am

Poor sanitation and lousy maps contribute to the persistent crime problems facing residents of Cape Town's Khayelitsha and other impoverished communities across Africa. These high-crime areas often … read more »

Nimble Approaches for Rockefeller's New Century

Updated: Sun 12 Oct, 10:14 pm

In its centennial year, the Rockefeller Foundation launched an initiative to encourage and support cities around the world to prepare for the shocks and stresses of today's world.  Managing … read more »

Crippling Housing Situation in Rwanda's Kigali City?

Updated: Mon 29 Oct, 01:34 am 2012

An acute housing shortage has been projected for Kigali City, with authorities urgently needing billions over the next couple of years to build about a half a million affordable houses for its … read more »