Focus on Building Resilient Cities to Improve Lives

Updated: Thu 22 May, 01:45 pm

Developing viable, livable and resilient cities is increasingly seen as being of critical importance to giving opportunities to Africans to improve their lives.In a series on how Africans are building … read more »

The Plight of South Africa's Slum-Dwellers

Updated: Tue 30 Oct, 08:53 am 2012

Residents of informal settlements and transit camps face daily challenges, such as the inability to sleep because of the fear of crime, shattered confidence and feelings of anger and desperation, … read more »

Makoko Demolition Brings Spotlight on Nigeria's Housing Crisis

Updated: Wed 1 Aug, 09:51 am 2012

Recent demolitions of shanties at Makoko have rendered nearly 5000 people homeless and the issue has once again brought the age-long housing crisis in Nigeria to the fore. read more »