• 2007 Election Campaign in Kenya

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    Election fever is sweeping Kenya as Kenyans eagerly await 27 December when they head to the polls for presidential and parliamentary elections. This … see more »

  • Wheelbarrows Help Liberia Move

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    Wheelbarrows have been so important to Liberia that an image of one appears on the official seal. In a country where roads have deteriorated during … see more »

  • Health in Liberia

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    Newly capped nursing students celebrate at John F. Kennedy Hospital in Monrovia. see more »

  • Rebuilding Liberia

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    The principal of the Methodist-run school at Ganta fled fighting on more than one occasion but returned to rebuild the ruined school buildings. Nearly … see more »

  • Liberia's New Generation

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    Liberian law mandates free, compulsory education, but there are no places for as many as half the country's children. Ongoing conflict put an … see more »