2 December 2000

Nigeria: Behold The Amazons


Lagos — Nothing can be more sexist a statement than the above from Fragment. But Anacreon is not alone in such chauvinistic thinking. There are several enlightened people all over the world today who still look at women within the prism of physical endowment regardless of status or qualifications.

That perhaps explains why Philip Dormer Stanhope, the Fourth Earl of Chesterfield could say that women are much more like each other than men because they have two passions: vanity and love. But Queen Elizabeth 1 of England had in a 1588 speech put a lie to this thought process when she said: "I know I have the body of a week and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and a king of England too." From whichever angle one looks at it women are today holding their own and there is hardly any field of human endeavour that remains an exclusive preserve of men. Women have gone to the moon. They fight in the warfront. They fly aeroplanes. They lead countries. They are everywhere and are as damned good as the next man for any job. Sometimes even better.

In Nigeria, women have also played a great role in the last 40 years of nationhood even though the political environment is skewed against them such that they do not get what should be their dues were there to be equity in the system. But even at that we have seen women play great roles in the more competitive private sector where to get to the top requires much more than who you know. They are at the banks, in insurance, in academia, in the world of diplomacy and even in the spiritual realm. In continuation of our leadership series which we started three weeks ago, we are this week beaming our searchlights on women achievers who have made and are making great contributions to their fathertland. Of course in an exercise of this nature, only a few people can be chosen and they may not necessarily be the best in their chosen fields. But they will serve as examples of what the woman folk is doing in the process of nation building.

Max Amuchie, Samuel Ajayi, Shaka Momodu, Sefy Megafu, Vivien Wehweh, Utibe Uko, Angela Ibhade and Azuka Ogujiuba profile some of these women who have been able to hold their own in a world unfairly dominated by men.

Cecilia Ibru

She sits atop a financial institution that tells the customer to come and experience peace. And peace she seems to have been doling out to those who know her. For Cecilia Ibru, she has been able to prove her self in an environment men have dominated for ages. As the Chief Executive of Oceanic Bank, the beat has continued to go on, rather melodiouly for the bank that is one of the major players in the league of the new generation banks.

While the likes of Fola Alade are holding the forte brilliantly in other new generation banks like Guaranty Trust Bank, Ibru has continued to show that women, despite the societal as well as cultural inhibitions, could indeed hold their own in the business terrain. In the financial world, there are not many women. Not that there are not women that have made their marks in the sector, but the fact remains that their are many limitations to their ascension to the pinnacle of there career. For the few that have been able to move up against daunting odds, perhaps their career, nay their lives, have to be celebrated. Cecilia Ibru is one of such women. Though owned by her husband, Ibru has been able to impress not just a few watchers of the business sector with the way she has been able to steer the wheel of Oceanic Bank especially when many of such banks have kissed the dust in the battle against instability.

Toyin Olakunri

She is the Chief Exeutive of the money spinning Education Tax Fund, ETF, and she has been able to remain true to her strength of character despite the alluring aroma of money that had seen many previous top officers of such federal parastatls turn their respective offices to an avenue to make money, steal the place dry and make nonsense of the whole essence of encouraging multi-nationals to cough out large chunks of their profit annually to the Fund.

As the Chief Executive of the body, Olakunri has been able to make a difference within a short period after the President, Olusegun Obasanjo, appointed her. Not only has the Fund made its presence felt in all the local governments of the federation, it has equally built one structure or the other in almost all higher institutions of learning in the country. Right now, the Fund has not relented in its effort to ensure that the dream upon which its establishment rested is kept alive. And that is ensuring that a large chunk of the nation's earnings, especially from oil, is devoted to the training of the minds of the nation's young citizens.

All these are under the leadership of Oluwatoyin Olakunri who already had a name and reputation before the assignment. She is the first female chattered accountant in the whole of Africa and was formerly the President of the Nigerian Institute of Chattered Accountants.

In a parastatal that has turned many pious men into cheap frauds and untrustworthy ambassadors, Olakunri is gradually sending those that believe that women are not better managers back to the rethinking table.

Jadesola Akande

She is a distinguished academic that has proved her own in the sands of time as far as education is concerned in the country. She presided over the affairs of the Lagos State University, LASU, during the most difficult period in the institution's history in 1992. One crisis after the other led to the closure of the school for a period of eitghteen months. It was one of the most trying moments for the woman who was the second female to head a university after Grace Alele Williams, a professor of Mathematics and former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Benin.

But she came out of it all with her integrity intact. Today, she is one of the lights in the fight against women oppression and gender discrimination. She has been able to prove that when there is a will, there will always be a way. Currently, she is involved in some NGOs that are showing direction to a nation in dire need of such.

Tokunboh Awolowo-Dosunmu

Influenced by her late father, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Tokunbo Awolowo- Dosunmu has been in active politics, especially during the ill-fated Babangida transition as she aspired for the governorship of Lagos State under the platform of the defunct Social Democratic Party, SDP, but lost..

Born in 1948 as the last child of the late sage, she trained as medical doctor in Europe. She has been hadling the Obafemi Awolowo Foundation. If there is one thing, she has succeeded in keeping alive the ideals of her late father. It was therefore not surprising when she was named as the country's ambassador to the Neitherlands.

Margaret Icheen

She came into limelight with the current democratic dispensation and was the central figure in a political drama that recently engulfed the Benue State House of Assembly where she is the Speaker, the first woman ever to hold that position in Nigeria. Not being left out in the political crisis that has characterised our present democracy Margaret Icheen was recently unanimously resolved to be impeached by a group of 19 legislators for alleged incompetence and poor leadership. But In her favour, ten people opposed the motion and the day was saved by the Governor of the State George Akume who was generally alleged to have master minded the impeachment because she was a loyalist of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Chairman, Barnabas Gemade. The impeachment which was said to be devoid of any external influence was however an eye opener to the first Female Speaker in the country. Regrettably, she was accused of incompetence, frustrating the passage of important bills and motions for selfish purposes, violation of the provisions of the constitution and the Benue House of Assembly.

While the crisis was underway, Icheen who was challenged by the development became more focused, clear eyed and repositioned. In carrying the House along with her, she said "I wish to express my unreserved apologies for the lapses that have characterised our deliberations and hope to sit up so that we shall together build a more virile, solid and united Benue State where everyone will appreciate our efforts".

Even though her leadership was labelled a failure with other charges as abysmal performance, autocracy, dissatisfaction, mistrust, rapacity for affluence, subservience to the executive and mismanagement of office. She survived the plot by stooping to conquer. She also applied feminine touch by openly apologising for whatever she might have done wrong. As a test of her 'political dexterity' she was able to use some influential persons in and outside the state to overturn the decision. Tendering her apologies, Icheen maintained, "One thing I know is that I am eminently competent to manage the office as speaker of Benue state House of Assembly but all the same, I've accepted all the faults levelled against me because I'm the leader but I also know I am not completely guilty". She remains the speaker on shaky grounds. Her stay depends on the wishes of house members who gave her three months to improve on her performance but she looks like someone who will survive.

Ayo Obe

The story of the struggle for democracy in the country cannot be complete without mentioning Ayo Obe especially when the military junta violated the civil liberties of the citizen without serious repercussions. Known for her opposition stance to the military rule, Ayo Obe a lawyer and an activist is the President of the Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO), a frontline human rights movement which was very active in the struggle for enthronement of democracy in Nigeria. She is an intelligent and articulate woman in the Non governmental Organisations (NGO) community who remains in public focus principally because of her mental capability and not because of her sex. She is among the few women activists in the country. In her belief, right issue is relevant and should not necessarily be motivated by financial rewards. She viewed democracy as not being achieved on a platter of gold, but admits that Nigerians had to work hard at creating it. Her role in social and corporate responsibilities and human rights activities in the country before the advent of the present democracy when Nigeria ranked high in human rights violations particularly during the regime of the former Head of State, Late General Sani Abacha was a suitable check at the time. The organisation under her auspices is promoting the principles and practice of Human Rights as recognised by the constitution and other international institutions so to raise the consciousness of the people by organising workshops, symposia and lectures.

Omotayo Omotosho

Born 40 years ago at Ebute Metta in Lagos, Mrs Omotasho had her elementary education at both St. Dominic Convent school Yaba and Sacred Hearts Private school Ibadan. Her secondary education was at Queens College Lagos after which she proceeded to University of Lagos where she graduated with a B.Sc. in Psychology in 1986. That same year, Omotayo started her broadcast career when she did her National Youth Service Corps with NTA Ibadan and later moved to Oyo State Broadcasting Corporation where she was later retained as a full time Staff. From there, she moved back to Lagos to start her own independent production with NTA Lagos. Pacesetters a documentary program was meant to enlighten the public about leading banking and insurance institutions and it brought her to lime light.

This however gave birth to her own private media company which she also called "Pacesetter Communication" which engaged public relations and TV production. This initiated another public enlightenment program but this time on government. This she called "Towards a greater Nation" an NTA Network program which she still presents till date. In 1998, she was made a member of the Lagos State broadcasting Cooperation (LSBC) board, a board that she later headed as Chairman. Today, she is the Chairman of the National Tourism Board.

Ndi Okereke Onyiuke

Not many people were surprised when she was named as the successor to the highly respected Apostle Hatford Alile as the boss of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke merited it as she has paid her dues in such a highly sensitive sector. And almost a year to her tenure at the NSE, she has not disappointed her admirers. She is a woman who has proved that gender has nothing to do with ability to run an organisation. With a soft voice that belies her bulky frame, she has kept the flag of women in high places flying.

Born in November 1950 in Bonny Rivers state, she happens to be a representative of the King. In fact the Bonny King is the only one that is considered higher than than this highly placed daugther of the Islander. Dr. Onyiuke had a first class honour in dual B.Sc. degrees in economics and computer science. The stock exchange chief does not believe in forming a professional body for women but rather, she wants a level playing field for both sex.

Her dream is to take the stock market from infancy to maturity and to also be able to hold a post in the international stock exchange.

Keji Okunnowo

Known as the "Thatcher" of the music industry, Keji Okunowo made history in 1982 when she became the first woman to go into the music industry, a terrain which was albeit the exclusive preserve of men. Apart from being a trailblazer, she has learnt to hold her own. CBS now known as Sony Music Entertainment Nigeria Limited, was then an affiliate of CBS international of USA. Initially, she was simply marketing the products of her foreign counterparts but after a while, she felt the need to develop some local talents and that gave birth to the name Sony music.

In the beginning, she was enchanted by broadcasting, she started in the Adverting industry and then to radio from where she moved to TV. Having had a solid background in broadcasting from both the University of Lagos and the University of Wisconsin, Okunowo said that she found out about the music business by chance. But she has been able to transform the industry such that many top artistes today like Shina Peters, Adewale Ayuba et al owe so much to her.

Olayinka Adedayo

In 1996, Olayinka Adedayo properly known as Madam Tastee changed the face of the fast food business in Nigeria when she opened her first Tastee fried chicken, a fast food outlet in the heart of Surulere, Lagos. Having worked in a few food outlets in the United States her dream was to open a fast food outlet but that dream did not come through until 11 years after her return to Nigeria.

For the Ijebu woman, cooking was a hobby but that was to give birth to Tastee which today is about the best fast food place. She organised a party for her mum and brother, and then a wedding party, her reputation grew very fast. She became a big name in outdoor catering business while some of her clients include a former first lady, Mrs. Mariam Babangida

P.M.G Soares

Ms. Prisca Maria Gbemisola Soares, is the present Managing Director of NICON. Until her appointment recently, as chief executive of that giant Corporation, she was the Deputy General Manager, Special Risks.Her appointment did not come without a fight among other highly competent male contestants. By her appointment she thus became the first woman ever to head the giant insurance body. Miss Soares no doubt has come a long way in her professional career. Born in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, Soares graduated from the University of Ibadan in 1976. She joined NICON Insurance Corporation, a year after graduation, in 1977 as a graduate trainee. She rose through the mill and skipped a grade level on the promotion scale even as she had a stint in practically all managerial cadres in the technical department of NICON. She began as an acting Manager in the reinsurance department in 1988. A year later she was promoted senior manager. In 1996 she was deployed to Aviation Department as AGM, while in 1998 she attained the highest non- political position in the Corporation when she was promoted Deputy General Manager, Special Risks. Soares was appointed this year as Managing Director following the compulsory retirement of her predecessor, Alhaji Mohammed Kari. Described by industry watchers as a seasoned and widely travelled professional, her appointment as Managing Director is seen by women activists as a robust boost to their struggle. But the challenges before her are enormous and quite daunting given government's resolve to privatise the Corporation and other parastatals. Soares has however assured all that she will reposition NICON towards achieving its objectives.

Constance Momoh

Justice Constance Momoh is the Chief Judge of Edo State. Born on February 28, April, 1940 at Auchi to the influential Momoh family in Auchi in Edo state. She studied law in England and was called to the English Bar. She worked with the then Bendel State Ministry of Justice. She was appointed a magistrate in 1980 and seconded to Plateau State Judicary were she was said to have performed excellently. In 1990, she was appointed a judge. After her tenure in Plateau state, she returned to Edo state. It was a measure of the confidence in her ability that she was appointed Chairperson of the Failed Banks Tribunal, during the last military dispensation. Justice Momoh, a princess by birth, made history in1998 when she became the first woman to be appointed the Chief Judge of Edo state. Since her appointment she has been an out spoken critic of corruption in the judiciary, and an advocate of better remuneration for judges to prevent the temptation to look else where. Justice Momoh has at various fora stressed the need for the executive to obey judicial pronouncements if the rule of law must be sustained. She is no doubt a success story for Nigerian women folks.

Margaret Idahosa

The widow of one of the pioneer of the Pentecostal movement in Nigeria, the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, has come of age. As a wife to the late Idahosa, she was the spiritual mother to the over 2 million members of the Church of God Mission. A modest woman, Margaret performed her wifely and motherly role to her husband and the church such that many attributed his success in ministry to the unflincing support she gave him. At the home front, this mother of three (a son and two daughters) has been a mother indeed combining motherly duties perfectly with her job as competent helper.

After the death of her husband, there was a slight furore over his successor. When Bishop Margaret Idahosa emerged as her husband's successor, not a few tongues wagged as to her ability to lead the huge congregation he left behind. While some maintained that she was unfit for the job, considering her husband's anointing, others were of the opinion that she would be unable to cope with the demands of the position being a woman.

She has so far proved 'doubting Thomases' wrong having successfully manned the leadership of Church of God Mission International for over two years now since the demise of her husband. She is for the sound and principled biblical doctrine which she preaches having successfully followed the steps of her husband in terms of vision and purpose. The church which has branches both internationally and nationally has grown albeit quietly.

Nkechi Anayo-Iloputaife

After the brutal assassination of her husband afew years back, Nkechi Iluoputaife has indeed been a strong and dedicated captain in the ship of the Victory Christian Church. She has in so many ways proven that capability is not gender-sensitive but strictly in the will of the individual.

After the death of her husband, there was a burning controversy as to who should succeed him. The contention then was that it was improper for a woman to head a church. Hence, when it was eventually resolved that she should pick up the mantle of leadership, it led to the breaking away of many who could not stand such thing. This however did not disuade her from putting in her very best which has in no small way yielded positive results.

The church which has branches nationwide has grown tremendously over the years. Known as very strict and down to earth, Nkechi Iloputaife can be described as a firebrand. Her messages and doctrines speak this of her being imbued with very strict codes. Her disposition and gesticulations as she preaches reaveals that she is an iron lady with good leadership qualities. This she has brought to bear in the leadership of Victory Christian Center.

Kema Chikwe

Dr. (Mrs.) Kemafo Chikwe, the Minister of Aviation, no doubt, has captured the attention of Nigerians. If for no other reason, her penchant for glamour, very early in this administration, marked her out. She is easily, the best dressed female member of President Obasanjo's cabinet.

Born in 1947 to late Chief Nathan Okeoma Ejiogu in Egbu Owerri, a former Commissioner for Education in the then East Central State, Mrs. Chikwe attended primary schools in Aba, Uyo and Enugu. For secondary school education, she went to Queens' School, Enugu.

Early in her life, she had taken teaching as a career. It started at her alma mater, Queens' School, Enugu, where she had a stint on leaving the Advanced Teachers' College, Enugu.

She later went to the United States, where she eventually earned first and master's degrees in French and French education respectively at the City University of New York.

Thereafter, she came back to Nigeria and went back to teaching, this time at the Girls' Secondary School, Awkunanaw. Chikwe has always been in politics even from a very remote angle. For instance, during the second republic, while teaching in the old Anambra State, she was mobilising the women for the defunct National Party of Nigeria (NPN). The state was then being governed by the defunct Nigeria People's Party (NPP), under Chief Jim Nwobodo, who is now a Senator.

Naturally, she got into trouble with the state government. When it appeared her problem was over with the ascension of Chief C.C. Onoh, the NPN gubernatorial candidate in 1983, the military struck and sacked the Second Republic. In the aborted Third Republic, a time when government foisted two political parties on Nigerians, Kema showed sympathy for the defunct National Republican Convention (NRC), though she never contested for any elective position. The minister later went back to school at the senior level and earned a Ph.D. in Curriculum Education at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

With the formation of parties at the onset of the Fourth Republic, Dr. Chikwe, like many other people from the east, pitched her tent with the People's Democratic Party (PDP). She has always been known for grassroots mobilisation especially among the women.

Not a few people were surprised when she beat some other tested politicians from Imo State to be made a minister in the Obasanjo cabinet. She first came in as Transport Minister but was moved to the Aviation Ministry after a cabinet shake-up. As Transport Minister, Chikwe introduced a number of port reforms aimed at making the tariffs charged at the Nigerian ports competitive. It had been observed over the years that Nigeria was losing huge amount of money to neighbouring countries because of high port charges. Part of the reform also included reducing the length of time it took to clear goods at the ports. Since moving to the aviation ministry, she has been grappling with the enormous problem of the country's aviation industry. These include unviable airports, the near bankruptcy of the Nigeria Airways, poor airport facilities, etc. It is not an easy task for a woman but the minister appears undaunted.

Victoria Ezeokoli

She was the diva of the Nigerian television industry. At the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), where she was for 20 years, Victoria Ezeokoli was a pearl who shone brilliantly. She retired last year as Executive Director, State Operations and Marketing.

Born in Oko, Anambra State, Ezeokoli had her university education at the University of Ibadan, Theatre Arts Department but when the civil war started in 1967, she moved east and finished at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Thereafter, she went to Yale University, one of the eight Ivy League universities in America for higher degrees.

At a tender age of 23, she had started lecturing at Yale. She taught in several other universities and ended up at Dartmouth, another Ivy League university. But in 1979, there was a career change for a woman who had risen to the level of an associate professor in an Ivy League university in America. That year, the then director-general of NTA, Mr. Vincent Maduka asked her to come over. In an interview early this year, she recalled how the career change was made: "I was simply invited into TV and I wasn't sure that was my career plan at that point in time. I started from the university and I thought I would finish from there but I was invited and I had to think seriously about it whether it wouldn't deviate from what I thought was my calling in life which was to be an academician". She joined NTA as the pioneer director of programmes. Under her, the organisation started network of programmes. Such long-running drama series like Cockcrow at Dawn, Village Headmaster and Tales by Moonlight can be attributed to her creative ingenuity.

She also started the now rested TV Guide, a quarterly magazine published by the NTA. She was the magazine's editor-in-chief. Ezeokoli inspired and encouraged a good number of women in television. She was not known to suppress any female worker who worked closely with her. She set standards and encouraged everyone to meet those standards. She is a woman who does not believe in retirement. As far as she is concerned, retirement comes only after one has answered the creator's call. She has therefore gone back to what she was doing several years ago, teaching. She now teaches executive MBA students of the Strategic Management Centre (SMC), Lekki.

Florence Ita-Giwa

At 54, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa has had a wonderful life. Not many people know that she actually trained as a nurse. She had begun her education at the Duke Town Primary School and post-primary at Edgerly Memorial Girls' Secondary School, both in Calabar. She thereafter enrolled at the then Eastern Nigeria Preliminary Nursing School, Aba and acquired a general nursing certificate. She went to England for further education. She was at the Kilburn Polytechnic and the University of London Teaching Hospital, from where she graduated in Hospital Management and Medical Secretaryship in 1974.

Beyond nursing, business and politics are the areas she has made a success of. In the aborted Third Republic, she was elected into the House of Representatives on the platform of the defunct National Republican Convention (NRC). She was a member of the Committee for the Devolution of Powers set up by the military regime of the late General Sani Abacha.

A member of the All People's Party (APP), she is representing the Southern Senatorial district of Cross River State at the Senate. In a senate divided into factions, Ita-Giwa belongs to the group sympathetic to Dr. Chuba Okadigbo, former senate president. Her political strength, however, lies in the success she made of the Bakassi issue. The oil-rich peninsula that is being claimed by Cameroon (Bakassi) has in the senator, a worthy daughter and defender. Her relentless campaign for the welfare of the area resulted in the creation of a local government area for the peninsula during the Abacha regime. She once headed the board of trustees of the Save Bakassi Lotto, a Cross River State Lottery Authority service for the development of Bakassi.

Senator Ita-Giwa is known to be active in the social circuit. She is also a woman who uses fashion to make statement. She has achieved so much success in different life endeavours which was crowned last month when she was invited as the only Senator from any African country to participate as an observer in the conduct of the United States presidential election which has now ended in a fiasco. She has a nice certificate to show for her efforts as a guest of the Voice of America (VOA) team that previewed the contest with pungent analysis.

Amaka Igwe

She started reading novels from the age of three while as a secondary school student she wrote plays for her friends and was a good story teller. Her first written work was Love by Charm written in 1977. She had planned to study law in the university but fate played a fast one on her and she ended up reading Religious Studies and Education at OAU, Ife. She went to the University of Ibadan to do a masters degree in Library and Archival Studies. It was during her stint as Head of Research and Biblographic matters at the Anambra State University of Technology, Enugu that she took a TV script based on folklore to Uzo Amadi, producer of Beyond the Realm but it was the script shev did for a World Bank project on the Expanded Program on Immunisation that pushed her to the fore as a script writer. Her entry for NIFETEP "88", Decrees of Fate won her an award. She is the script writer of Checkmate which was originally titled Haastrup Investments. To do Checkmate, she had to rely on Bolaji Dawodu to produce as she was an unknown face in Lagos Checkmate ruled the airwaves for four years with a cast made up of the likes of Richard Mofe Damijo, Antar Laniyan and Sola Awojobi. RMD confessed later that doing Checkmate was one of the biggest challenges he had faced. It was while doing Checkmate that Igwe veered into home videos. She has to her credit Rattlesnake (parts 1 and 2) and Violated . Rattlesnake, Amaka said "was a TV soap that became a movie" Her other home video Forever focussed on drug abuse in the Nigerian society. In 1998, she produced To Live Again. Amaka Igwe surpassed her predecesor Lola Fani-Kayode in her storyline and quality productions which made made her name(as movie director) the selling factor of movies and not the artistes. The mother of one is on the verge of transforming the company Moving Pictures into a studio. She has a reputation as a disciplinarian and a perfectionist who has her artistes' welfare at heart but has no time for so-called stars who strut on set.

Sienne AllWell Brown

The story of broadcasting industry in Nigeria will never be complete without the name of Sienne Allwell Brown being mentioned. For almost a decade, Sienne held the Nigerian viewing audience spellbound with her articulate delivery of NTA's Network News at 9pm. As a broadcaster, she never relented in aiming at excellence in her chosen profession . Sienne was known for her peculiar and spectacular touch to presentations on the screen. She is not only a journalist cum broadcaster but also a lawyer. Little wonder no one could talk of good and popular presenters without making mention of Sienne Allwell Brown. Ms Allwell Brown was at a time the General Manager of the Rivers State Television. Presently she is the General Manager, External Relations, Nigerian Liquified Natural Gas Company.

Ibironke Akinsete

In the fight against AIDS, Mrs. Ibironke Akinsete stands out in Nigeria. In recognition of her contribution in the struggle against the dreaded disease, President Olusegun Obasanjo, appointed her Special Adviser on AIDS. She was until that appointment, a professor of hematology and blood transfusion at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos.

She has been involved in many enlightenment programmes on the disease.

Amina Adamu Augie

She is presently a judge of the High Court of Sokoto State. She is one of the women that has excelled in her profession. An intelligent smart and outspoken woman. She is married to Senator Adamu Angie. She is devoted to her profession and that was why it was not a surprise when in March 1, 1996, she was made chairman of the Failed Banks (Recovery of Debts) and Financial Malpractices Tribunal Lagos zone, everyone hailed her appointment especially the women. She was a recipient of several awards. Some of the awards she has won are the Phoebe Chiadikobi Ajayi Prize for best female student with Second Class Upper and above (Ife 1977), the Faculty Prize for best overall student (Ife 1977), Amicable Assurance Prize for best student (Ife 1977), Merit award from the Faculty of Law Students Uthman Dan Fodio University Sokoto Merit Award from Gamji Club, Uthman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto.

In a paper entitled, Protecting the Rights of Individuals and Groups in the Society, Responsibility of Judges and Lawyers," Honourable Justice Augie noted that "it is an undeniable fact that that individual rights prosper best under a democratic government." She was a lecturer of Law for five years. She also thought at ABU, Zaira. She has always stressed that civil education from primary school is important because most of the children in the North do not go beyond primary school levels. She is one legal expert who has proved her own in a male-dominated environment.


There are indeed far too many others not mentioned above all playing solid roles in our stride to a greater nation. Mrs Mayen Adetiba, Vice President, Nigerian Society of Engineers, NSE; Mrs. Titilayo Ajanaku, Special Adviser to the President on Women Affairs, Mrs. Bucknor Akerele, Deputy Governor of Lagos State and Mrs. Maryam Uwais who aside being wife of the Chief Justice of the Federation is a respected professional in her own rights.

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