17 April 2010

Nigeria: Yar'Adua is a Victim of Marine Kingdom-Evangelist


Lagos — Nigeria, an indivisible entity

Before Nigeria came together in 1914, Lord Lugard did the account of Northern Protectorate and Southern Protectorate and discovered that the Northern Protectorate had a deficit of 500, 000 pounds while Southern Protectorate had a surplus of 500, 000 pounds and he applied to the home office seeking for the permission to join the two protectorates together so that he could use the surplus in the south to care for the deficit in the north and the home office wrote to him 'approved and recommended'.

God said that He did it for a purpose. He did it to bring us together and He said that no section of Nigeria will ever break away, no matter how hard they try. If a section would have broken away, Biafra would have broken away but God just allowed us to try before we came back again.

All these people who are threatening to break away are just wasting their time; they should go and find other things to do because they cannot do it. Even among the Niger Delta people, each time a leader came up to do it he would be killed; for example, Adaka Boro and Ken Saro Wiwa and of late, Alhaji Asari-Dokubo but he survived it, so if anybody is talking about the break-up of Nigeria, such a person should think twice because it is an impossible task.

Nigeria's journey into 50 years of spiritual bondage

In 2002, a documentary was shown about discovery of oil in Oloibiri in 1956 and after showing the degradation of the area, the oil well and everything, they saw one man and asked him 'were you there when the oil was discovered?' He said, yes, though that he was young but that he was there. He said when the oil was discovered that elders and chief priest of the town went and sacrificed to the idol, thanking it for the oil it gave to them.

Unfortunately, the oil has been there since creation.

As a result of this, the Lord said that has been the problem of Nigeria because the oil that He put in your land, you went and gave the glory to your idol. He said in Isaiah 42:8 that 'my glory I shall not give to another, neither my praise to graven image; but by giving the praise that is due to the Lord to a graven image, He sentenced us to 50 years of spiritual bondage.

Unfortunately, nobody knew about this. Even the people of the Niger Delta, the oil that is coming out from there was not useful to them. From 1956 to 2006 were years of our spiritual bondage. In late 2005, the Lord asked me to tell the coordinator of the Intercessors for Africa to go and retrieve the oil well and return same to Him.

I wrote to him, it is not the first time that we were doing such a thing; the same thing was done in Malaysia in 1988. The port of Malaysia was the best in the world, in the first century all the ships were going there but one man, St Francis of Assisi, went there to preach, they told him not to preach but he continued to preach and they threatened to throw him inside a well but he didn't bother and they went ahead to put him into the well but later brought him out.

The man removed his shoes and cursed the land. That curse was effective, until 1988 that place was in a mess. What they did was to call the elders of the place to confess their sins and ask God for forgiveness after which prayer was made for the land.

He said when he went there in 1998 he said the place was being transformed. The Lord asked me to go and do the same thing at the oil well, as soon as I sent the letter to him, there was upheaval in Bayelsa that was when Alhaji Dokubo was arrested and Alamieyesiegha was also arrested in London and there was one confusion after the other, so he could not go.

When Dr. Goodluck Jonathan was the governor of Bayelsa State, I was asked to write to him to commission Rev Barrister Nwankpa to go and do the retrieval but nothing happened because I know that the letter did not get to him.

When I went to the Bayelsa's liaison office in 2006 to get somebody to lead us to the place, after talking to three ladies at the reception about our mission, that night I heard witches and wizards crying everywhere in my house. It was like while you are going there to retrieve the place, Satan is happy the way things are going.

In 2007, we had a Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria national conference at the National Theater, Lagos. I don't normally attend any event unless God tells me to go and He instructed me to attend that one and from Monday to Friday, I did not hear anything surprising but the last person that preached, Rev Dr. Morris Cellulo from America came up and said 'Nigerians, Lord said I should tell you that He has taken over your country and your oil well.'

Yar'Adua, a servant leader but...

Formally, what we used to have were master leaders who were giving decrees and doing all sort of things but after the 2007 elections, the Lord said that this man that came in is the first servant leader that He will give to us and that is Umaru Musa Yar'Adua. He is a servant leader.

For instance, during the time of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, how many Senate presidents did we have? They were changing them as if they were changing wrappers but the Senate is almost finishing the first term, did you see any Senate president being impeached? Whatever they like they do in the Senate; whatever they like they do in the House of Representatives, he doesn't interfere; that is a servant leader. If you like, abuse him, no problem.

At a point I was asking the Lord about the problems of the Niger Delta now that He (Lord) has taken over the country but the way he did it was miraculous and that is through the amnesty programme.

But there is an occultist group in Rivers State that is not happy with what is happening and they said 'let us remove this man' and they fired him two satanic weapons at the same time.

I was handling a case where I was dealing with one satanic weapon on somebody and the person never died, it was then that God revealed to me that two satanic weapons have been fired at the president that was around December 19 last year. I later discovered that Yar'Adua is fighting a great battle, it is because God loves him, he would not have been alive today, which means that God has not finished with him.

He is the first servant leader that we are getting and if care is not taken, he may still come back in 2011, if God will have His way. I did everything to work on him before Christmas, the Lord said no, go for your Christmas and when I came back on January 4, I went into battle to cast out the strange satanic weapons from him, it did not work well on that 4th but on the 6th I was able to remove them.

I was so happy but then I was told that other weapons have been fired at him. He is a victim of marine kingdom based in Katsina.

When you have a bright future, the Satan kingdom knows your destiny and if it will infringe on their operations, they will do everything possible to eliminate you. The kingdom of darkness will try to destroy an individual that it knows that God will use to bring us back to him and Yar'Adua is a good example; they wanted to finish him before he accomplishes that task but God said no.

We have to be compassionate with our president and give him the time to fight this battle, it is true that he is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces but the armed forces cannot help him in this battle because it is a spiritual battle. If it were to be a physical one, it would have been won but he is fighting it alone; with the help of God because it is not a physical battle.

I don't normally work for individuals. I work for my family and for Africa. For me to work for an individual, it must be by the approval of God. I have to seek for His permission before I can do so.

Nigeria in 2011

God has taken over; it is not everybody that wants to come in as a leader of this country that will make it this time. We have passed the stage in which ignorant people were ruling us; that stage will not happen again. That was the time that Satan was in-charge of us and he gave us anything he liked just as the Bible says that he will give children to rule them.

People are saying that Obasanjo imposed Yar'Adua on Nigerians but that is not correct, it is the work of God.

Obasanjo himself was used by God. My friend who brought me into the Lord raised an altar in the house of Chief Uche Chukwumerije in Abuja and as they were praying for Nigeria, a lady saw a vision where the Lord told her that Obasanjo was coming out of prison to be the president of Nigeria; that was in January 1998. Some people doubted the prophecy.

By June of that year, Gen Abacha died and Abdulsalam Abubakar took over, the next thing; Obasanjo came out of prison, even when he was asked whether he would become president, his response was 'how many presidents do you want to make out of me, let me go to my farm and see what is remaining.'

God used Obasanjo to achieve His aim but you cannot impose anybody on the Lord. When some people wanted to impose Abacha on us the Lord said no and took him away.

There is no more room for any how leader in Nigeria, we are now moving forward. We have entered into the glorious era of this nation.

Why NEPA/ ECN or PHCN cannot work

The Power Holding Company of Nigeria is dedicated to Sango, an idol; go to their headquarters and you see an image standing with an axe to cut the light; how then do you expect such a thing to work, it cannot work. So the first thing they should do is to remove NEPA from that idol it is dedicated to. It is then that God can take over and give you light.

He is God of light. Sango is not god of light. Even the new PHCN came and used lighting as their symbol but lightening comes and goes; it is not light.

In 2006 All Africa Games in Abuja, the games' torch was lighted by Sango that night after the lighting, storm came and put it off; it was the work of God because God was annoyed with us for that.

Satanic manipulations

The explosion that took place at the stake holders meeting in Warri was fired by a satanic group and not MEND because there is nothing like MEND now, the governor that said that MEND exists in the newspapers was correct.

That explosion was the handiwork of agents of darkness because they are not happy that peace was returning to the region. They prefer crisis situations and accidents so that they can take blood to their blood banks.

The role of this occultist group in Niger Delta is to fill the blood bank in the southern area of Nigeria and those operating in Jos area are there to fill the blood bank in the north.

Most of these things don't just happen, there are forces behind them. It is the spirit that controls the physical. It is the spirit in you that tells you to do this or that. The body is just a container that contains the spirit and the soul.

If an individual has the spirit of Satan in him, he will do satanic things but if the person has the Spirit of God in him, he will be a very nice person with a human feeling.

If you see a person that uses a knife to cut another person's throat, he is not a human being and there are so many people here who are not human beings, they are from the marine kingdom, this is why the Lord says 'do not follow the multitude to do evil'.

My new assignment

When I renounced my chieftaincy title in year 2000, people could not understand, they said 'all the Igbo people are taking titles why then are you rejecting your own,' they do not understand because it is like following the multitude to do evil.

The first thing the Lord told me when I became a born again child of God was to renounce all those things if I wanted to work for him, and to change my name. I used to answer Maduegbu, former executive director in NICON, in fact, this your place used to be my place because of your Tuesday's publication of insurance, which started in 1988. Your organization always came to interview me when I was the MD of Intercontinental until I moved to Nigeria RE, from Nigeria RE to NICON.

My ministry is just taking off because the main job, which is to liberate Africa has not been done yet. Just as Moses led the people of Israel to the Promised Land, God said that I have to lead Africa from darkness to the Promised Land.

I reminded Him that He was talking to Moses from time to time in the course of his assignment. Now, I have eight different ways that I communicate with God. For example as we are talking now, there was something that I wanted to say but a light just appeared and God said don't say it. I have not seen God face to face because the day you see God you die but you can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and that of Christ.

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