6 December 2011

Nigeria: White People Created HIV/Aids to Kill Blacks - Researcher


Calabar — Eket-born Anietie Ikott, an alternative medicine researcher and practitioner, speaks to Health Insight on his claim to cure HIV/AIDs, his knowledge on healthy living, dangers of GSM radiation, among other issues.

You studied to become a mechanical engineer. How did you divert to alternative medicine?

What pushed me into the field of health were the challenges I used to have regarding my health. It was like every six weeks I would get admitted into the hospital. At a point, I no longer liked the idea of visiting hospitals and I was always monitoring myself, yet I was still going down. Then, I realized that there was really something wrong somewhere. I asked my doctors what really could be the matter. Why was it that some people were relatively okay but I wasn't? I reasoned that with knowledge one could solve certain problems. I delved into several researches for what I could do to be free from the health conditions that plagued me. I started with orthodox medicine. As a voracious reader, I read numerous books on health. I soon realized that for what I was looking forward to, orthodox medicine had no answer. I delved into alternative medicine. I started to put what I read into practice. Thereafter, I began my own research to see how the body was designed to operate. What is the kind of fuel required to keep it working harmoniously such that one can live 120 years and above. I am proud to say that over seven years now, I have not experienced anything called sickness: no malaria, no typhoid fever, no stomach ache, nothing. I embarked on the research for personal use but as the years passed by I realized that this knowledge had become too much for just me. I reasoned that it should benefit the rest of mankind.

So, how are you imparting this knowledge?

I move round conducting workshops. The urging of those who attend the workshops pushed me to compile two volumes of books. Thousands of people flocked to me, but I would insist that I wasn't a medical doctor. It was my wife that prevailed on me to go ahead and apply my knowledge. I say with humility that there are numerous ailments which hospitals considered incurable which God has used me to cure. Everything is possible. All we need is application of the right knowledge.

But medical experts insist that cancer, HIV/AIDS, and so on are incurable...

I dare say that these have been effectively cured. Let me tell you emphatically that HIV/AIDS virus was deliberately fabricated to eliminate black people. When I realized this, I had to understudy how they did this. What were the principles involved; what were their own solutions to it? They have the solution but will never release it because of the billions of profit they garner from Africa and the rest of the Third World. Ironically, although they sought to eliminate only the black race, humankind as a whole is no longer spared! Fortunately, I have discovered that this HIV/AIDs virus can be countered. The virus has its ways of operation. I have also created a potent antidote to avert what favours it to thrive. Let me convince you with a particular testimony. Two months ago, a lady in Nigeria who went for prenatal check-up came to me and was confirmed positive. I asked the husband to run a test which also proved positive. What did we do? We went for CD4 counts. And the husband was in the range of 220 while the wife was 331. I applied the advance principle. I used some technology and natural materials I developed courtesy of my engineering background. Seven weeks after, I asked them to do another tests. The results showed that the husband was now 741 and the wife 975! The viral load was zero. What am I trying to say? We should not allow our people to die from what people have deliberately fabricated to kill us and are making huge profits from anti-retroviral drugs.

What other conditions do you 'cure'?

I have also studied the ways of cancer. Before cancer manifests in the human body, there are conditions that favour it. For instance, it is practically impossible for cancer to manifest in a body that is free of toxic and has a balanced alkaline. When you have a high percentage of alkaline in your body, you will have greater chances that oxygen will freely flow throughout your system which helps to prevent unwanted foes. But where you are over-relying on acidic foods, toxic food and 'dead food', you create a toxic environment in your body that invites 'enemies'. Most of the processed foods we eat are acidic. So when the level is too high in an acidic environment it does not allow free flow of oxygen in your system. And when the living cells are deprived for two long that part of the body will be infected. If you understand the whole process and know how to reverse it, you will surely reverse it. On October 5, a lady with very advanced cancer came to me. We applied advance knowledge and exactly October 31 she testified that the cancer that was so big had disappeared.

What alkaline foods do you say is so good for health?

One of them is lemon fruit; lemon juice. Fat people have high level of acidic build-up. I advise them to always go for alkaline foods and within six weeks they can be certain that they would lose enormous weight.

Did you say one could live longer with certain mode of feeding?

With knowledge, many would not die young because we can now run our body to live beyond 100 years. With humility, I boast that sickness has long left me. I work a lot, sleeping barely four hours a day. This is because with the knowledge at my disposal I am able to stabilize my system and remain calm such that if I lie down here for just 30 minutes, for instance, when I wake it would appear as if I slept for eight hours. With knowledge, you will know the kind of food to eat and run your system properly. I have spent time and resources doing seminars, travelling all over the country to educate our people not to waste our money to travel abroad in search of cure to diseases that are now easily cured and cheaply too in Nigeria. Advanced research has revealed a lot, so that Nigerians should not necessarily die young anymore. Let me repeat with emphasis that HIV/AIDs is curable. Generally, people need to check those things they did that altered their body system. We have the device we use to check body parameters to see what have been altered. When you are able to balance these parameters, sickness will disappear. Like I said in the beginning, I used to have ailments and was even using reading glasses but I have been able to reverse all that and do not read with aid of magnifying glasses anymore. It is written in the Bible, "My people perish because of lack of knowledge". It is also written: "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free".

Many indulge in drinking...

It is dangerous! Look at somebody drinking what they call soft drink or mineral. Why? A bottle of it would require you to take, say 30 glasses of water to neutralise the high level of acidic properties it contains. When you are young you eat whatever you see and feel you are on top of the world, but as time goes on your body cannot handle it anymore. The body is such that when you run it well by learning to reject certain foods, beer, and other chemicalized drinks, you will hardly be sick.

Talking specifically, what basic things does one need to do for good health?

Eat live foods. Eat raw or fresh foods, including fruits. Do not wake up in the morning to bread and tea. They are dead foods which do not have live enzymes and no live vitamins because they have been burnt in the process of cooking, frying or baking. The richness in live foods is lost when they are unduly processed or cooked. And when you take in dead foods your body labours much for hours to digest them. And they serve little or no purpose anymore. In our researches we realized that the body sees dead foods as poison. They incapacitate the white blood cells, as against live foods. This is deep information I am transmitting. As much as possible, avoid any form of processed milk. It creates a fertile environment for parasites to operate. My children grow up completely without artificial milk and people wonder how robust and healthy they are. People doubt that we solely depend on natural products.

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