22 June 2012

South Sudan: The Family - a Life of Sharing


We, Africans in the Republic of South Sudan are by nature or creation "Socialist." We differ from scientific socialism by the fact that scientific socialism has no room for God; whereas African socialism is based on a strong belief in God the Creator (the Supernatural).

The core components of African Socialism are: 1) Togetherness: people are taken together as a whole, a group. The good and interest of the group is greater or more important than that of the individual. But it recognizes the importance of the individual within the group. This togetherness is seen in farming, houses construction, hunting, marriage and conflict resolution; 2) Community and communication is the major core of African socialism; 3) Sharing: by tradition and nature, Africans are not selfish or greedy or individualistic. In African culture and socialism, relatives are cared for. Orphans and widows are protected and taken care of. Travelers, strangers, and visitors are provided with food and a place to stay until they leave. Food is shared with others; even dowries are shared by contributions from relatives; 4) Kindness and love: Africans by nature are kind and loving. They reflect the attitude of God their Father. They respect and obey their leaders. If African socialism can be developed fully, it can be a strong basis for good governance.

How is cooperation accomplished in African family and society? The head of the family commit everything he does for the welfare of the family and community. The community trusts him and obeys him. The head of the family offers unconditional love and all the blessings that go along with it. All the family members need to do is accept his love, believe in his leadership, and live in obedience to his word.

African Socialism promise to the people goes beyond the physical and geographical restoration of the Republic of South Sudan. It promises to breathe new spiritual life into his people so that their hearts and attitudes will be right with others and themselves and unite with SPLA/M.

On the 9th July the South Sudan became an independent "New Nation" in Africa and in the world since the creation of our mother earth.

The Republic of South Sudan must become strong to face the Satanic Khartoum Regime, the nation in the north which may in the near future attack the Republic of South Sudan. Their purpose would be to destroy Christianity in the Republic of South Sudan. The Satanic Regime in Khartoum's allies would come from the mountainous areas south east of Black Sea (Central Turkey) as well as from the area that is present day Iran, Libya, and other Arab nations.

An Arab Islamic revolutionary is the symbol of all the evil in the world. Khartoum regime represents the aggregate military might of all the forces opposed to Christianity in the world.

Regardless of when this battle will occur, the Holy Bible is clear -God will deliver his people -no enemy can stand before his mighty Power.

We must be prepared with all our over 64 tribes and diversity in our culture, under the wise leadership of SPLA/M the last 29 years as the head of a Family and protector of the people became more committed to uphold the hard earned freedom. The people are more united than ever to face the challenges from the Satanic Khartoum Regime. Working together will meet many of our needs or teaming up with another can give strength and encouragement when times get rough as it is today with the Satanic Regime in Khartoum. Cooperation also between us will allow us to be productive for God and our people and to mature in our commitment to protect our New Born Nation.

As a family we now understand the importance of life of sharing and giving, love and unity for our survival as a Nation. As a family facing a common enemy unity is important because it is the strength of the family in the Republic of South Sudan.

Unity and cooperation is created by a sense of common purpose and competent leadership. The Family extols unity as the highest for Family relationship from marriage to the church through the Holy Spirit great diversity becomes dynamic unity in the Republic of South Sudan.

SPLA/M leadership under our Father Salva Kiir now holds the over 64 tribes in the Republic of South Sudan together in his hand as one stick.

I pray that some of the 5 or more parties of the Republic of South Sudan that have been working in solidarity with SPLA/M can join SPLA/M to strengthen the hope of the more than 64 tribes in the Republic of South Sudan because all these parties are associated to them, making them a single Family they will become one to face the challenges coming from the Satanic Khartoum Regime.

In Romans 12:5 Paul used the concept of the human body to teach how Christians should live and work together. Just as the part of the body function under the directive of the brain, so SPLA/M can be strengthened to work together under the command and authority of our Father, Shepherd Comrade Salva Kiir.

God gives us the Promised Land as a gift so that we can build up his church in the Republic of South Sudan to use the land effectively to provide for all our basic needs -we must 1) realize that all gifts and abilities come from God; 2) understand that not everyone has the same gifts; 3) know who we are and what we do best; 4) dedicate our gifts to God's service and not to our personal success; 5) be willing to utilize our gifts whole heartedly, not holding back anything from God's service.

We must move away from imaginary to practical. Paul gives guidance for living as redeemed people in a fallen world. Over 2.5 million of our people gave their lives as living sacrifices; that is why we are a free and an independent New Nation. We must therefore; obey the government; love our neighbors; and take special care of those who are not committed, have no hope for the future and weak in the faith.

We must now learn how to live our faith each day.

In John 10:16 we read about the importance of having one flock with one shepherd. The other sheep "Africans under the Satanic Regime in Khartoum" they are also our brothers being harshly oppressed and trodden under foot" Our solidarity can save them, as well as other marginalized groups by Khartoum Satanic Regime..

This is an insight into our worldwide mission -to sacrifice for the satanic programs of the Khartoum Regime. The wicked people tend to want to restrict God's blessings to their own group, but united we should refuse to be limited by the fences the Satanic Khartoum Regimes had started building since 1820 but we must not allow the sons of slave traders to complete it in 2012.

The sacrifices our people made and are still making, as part of God's plan for the salvation of the Black world, were under God's full control, no one could wipe out the Black race from the face of the earth without the Creator's consent.

God is the creator of true unity. The presence of the Holy Spirit in the "Republic of South Sudan" will bring unity and peace in our Promised Land "Kush".

All believers in liberation, justice, peace and prosperity in Africa should accept African's core values. We are one Black Family and have one body; all are united under one head, Comrade Salva Kiir, the President and Commander in -Chief of SPLA.

Every son of South Sudan has God given abilities that can strengthen the entire 64 tribes in the Republic of South Sudan, your special ability may seem small or large, but it is yours to use in Black Family's service. We must pray and ask God to use our unique gifts to contribute to the strength and health of our Shepherd and SPLA and the people of the Republic of South Sudan who believe in promoting democracy and human rights in Africa.

God is over all -this shows his over ruling care (transcendence). He is through all and in all -this shows his active presence in the Republic of South Sudan and in the lives of our people.

In a family, though we experience a life of sharing and giving, love and kindness, this unity does not mean everyone has to agree. The body has many different parts, not just one part.

Unity is not synonymous with uniformity. God has created us differently, which means there will be differences of opinion. But our common goal is the same -to serve God and the people of the Republic of South Sudan.

Using the analogy of the body, Paul emphasizes the importance of each church member (see note Romans 12:12. if a seemingly insignificant part is taken away, the whole body becomes less effective, Thinking that your gift is more important than someone else's is an expression of spiritual pride.

We should not look down on those who seem unimportant, and we should not be jealous of others who have impressive gifts. Instead, we should use the gifts we have been given and encourage other to use theirs. If we don't, the body of believers will be less effective.

What is your response when a political party is honored and rewarded by God for having been in the bush fighting the satanic enemy in Khartoum for over 21 years, and continue to resist this Satanic Khartoum Regime pressing hard to implement all the CPA?

Why don't we politicians in the Republic of South Sudan respond by joining hands with SPLA/M to face the challenges coming from this Satanic Khartoum Regime, and in solidarity face that Regime? How do you respond as a political leader when SPLA/M and people are suffering? Are you called to rejoice with the Satanic Khartoum Regime which rejoices by stealing our oil, killing our people and threatening to control some of our border towns having abundant mineral resources and oil? This evil regime is enjoying our weeping with those who weep in Old Sudan.

We Africans must unite and face this Satanic Regime in Khartoum together -there is no such thing as Africans' affairs in Sudan or in Nigeria. We shouldn't stop these satanic programs in Africa -- Every African needs to get involved in the lives of others in Africa. Like the European Community, when the "World trade Twin Towers" were destroyed by the Islamic Terrorists, they got united to hunt down the criminals, we don't have to wait until we are wiped out, should we?

Why is unity so crucial now for the people of the Republic of South Sudan? May God who gives endurance and encouragement and give the people of the Republic of South Sudan the spirit of unity and love among themselves, so that with one mind and heart they can face the challenges of the Satanic Khartoum Regime before it's too late.

To accept SPLM leadership in all areas of our lives now means to share our African values and our perspective, just as we take SPLA view on the protection of every inch of our land, the nature of our future, and the protection of our New Born Nation, we are to have a family attitude of love and solidarity to face a common enemy now. We must, therefore, cultivate a new attitude and spirit of a family united to face any challenge coming from the Satanic Khartoum Regime.

We need to grow in faith, and have to know the benefits of solidarity better; we will become more capable of maintaining this attitude of loving unity throughout each day. This is the truth meaning that you and SPLM will bring real democracy and human rights in the Republic of South Sudan and our neighbors.

We need to encourage our politicians to consider reducing the many political parties currently we have to either three; SPLM is a Democratic Socialist Party, Communist Party (Marxism-Leninism), African Democratic Alliance based on African core Values (Supernatural and Christianity) and the tribal based party in the Republic of South Sudan?

These parties must come out with their clear socio-economic development political philosophy and not related to one another in purpose if the Republic of South Sudan is to be united,

SPLM led National and State Governments should work with UDSF-M, USAP, SSDF, ANC, SANU and others with similar vision, mission statements and values to promote real harmony so there won't be divisions in the Republic of South Sudan. I plead with you to be practically united in thought and purpose as you have been during the 21 years struggle.

Although we should discourage division in the Republic of South Sudan, sometimes diversity can be positive if all are striving for a united purpose of serving our people and glorifying God. I founded African Democratic Alliance Movement (ADAM) because I realized that tribalism could be minimized if we reduce the numbers of political parties to three or more groups based on their visions, missions and values. Many of our elite slipped back into corruption and using their tribal parties as means of getting ministerial positions, etc., in the National and State Government.

I have developed this article to address the problems, to clear up confusion about right and wrong and how to encourage our people to work with their own hands to support others and themselves instead of stealing people's money and time in idleness to remove corruption, and the tribal politicians have a reputation for jumping from darkness to pit. ADAM wants to keep the people of the Republic of South Sudan from degenerating into just another dark bottomless hole.

By saying brothers, I am emphasizing that all the tribes are part of family of South Sudan. As a family we share the benefits of unity that will run deeper than that of blood brothers and sisters.

To "agree with one another," allow for "no divisions" and "be perfectly united in mind and thought" does not require every one to believe exactly the same. There is a difference of having between having opposing viewpoints and being divisive.

A group of political leaders will not completely agree on every issue, but they can work together harmoniously if they agree on what truly matters -Comrade Salva Kiir, all we agree is our shepherd. He is the President and Commander in-Chief of the Republic of South Sudan. He is our father, he has been speaking and behaving in a way that will reduce arguments and increase harmony.

Petty differences and the cry for inclusiveness should never divide the political parties and people of South Sudan.

Our problem is these large and diverse tribes in South Sudan which the Satanic Khartoum Regime exploits. Some tribal leaders still favor their tribal leaders some of whom have no clear development and political ideology, but follow the "Satanic" Khartoum Regime and help Omer Bashir to steal our abundant mineral resources, and use some to carry out cattle rustling just to destabilize, and create insecurity to halt human development in the Republic of South Sudan.

Some political parties and leaders with no clear political ideology and are dependent heavily on the 'Satanic" Khartoum Regime and on tribalism call themselves opposition groups.

They also encourage the "Satanic" Regime in Khartoum not to carry out the demarcation of North/South border; not to withdraw from Abyei and South Sudan border with Kordofan as on 1-1-1956; encouraging and sending militia to destabilize the border towns of the Republic of South Sudan, encouraging the Satanic Khartoum Regime to arm militias of its own creation, including Janjaweed elements in Southern Darfur which are a threat to Western Bahr al Ghazal State.

Khartoum Satanic Regime uses "Islam to tempt and vigorously to divide parties like SPLM-N, Umma and DUP with the use of resources.

When we cooperate as a family, we always seek family unity to face a common enemy or contribute to help a family member in need. We also know that family disagreements need not turn into personal attacks because it may give way for Satan to infiltrate to confuse the family with purpose of weakening it.

Our solidarity will prevent Satan to confuse, but make it possible to force the Satan out or make a regime change in Khartoum. This also will make it possible to resolve Darfur conflict and bring peace in Darfur and the entire Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan.

In a family disagreement sometimes can produce a positive result -to introduce new ideas that may challenge and stimulate our thinking to face a common enemy.

In fact almost every political activity involving more than four political parties requires teamwork or cooperation to face our common enemy.

This is one reason in the conclusion I strongly urge the following political parties; UDSF-M, USAP, SANU, SSDF, ANC and their leaders to consider seriously joining SPLM to face the Satanic Khartoum Regime because you seem to have the same

Vision and Mission of the New Born Nation, to uphold our freedom and liberate others still under the yoke of the Satanic Khartoum Regime led by the sons of slave traders so that Africans freely develop our African Values.

You can continue to work in solidarity and strengthen SPLM to face not only the Satanic Khartoum Regime but to bring peace in the entire region and development. We are almost 100 per cent united under SPLA and we are ready to protect our mother land and are united under the leadership of Comrade Salva Kiir, the Shepherd and protector of the people of the Republic of South Sudan.

Brothers, working together the people of the Republic of South Sudan can accomplish all those great things we want, by pulling our resources together as a family. Our division is responsible for the Satanic Khartoum Regime stealing our resources, bombing our border towns and using our resources to arm militias to destabilize us simply because the satanic Khartoum regime knows some of our political leaders are greedy and selfish pulling some tribal leaders in different directions.

We should not emphasize rugged individualism. We must now focus on team work, develop the ability to cooperate to achieve a common goal, to work together for better advantage. Relationships also require team work. Marriage requires cooperation of husband and wife, family life requires cooperation of parent and child, church life requires cooperation among the congregation.

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