23 July 2012

Zambia: Half Human, Half Snake Creature - Is It God's Creation?


THERE has been a frenzied story of catching a half snake half human or with human head that was found lurking in the regions of Congo DR. Many curious people have tapped its image on their mobile phones and it seems to be the spice of their idle time. Is this thing part of God's creation, or is it something conjured up in the minds of some clever magicians bent on creating a diversion?

The creation record found in the first chapter of Genesis reveals that God created earth's living things "according to their kinds"-Genesis 1".Towards the end of the sixth creative period, the earth was supplied with a great variety of basic created "kinds", which included very complex forms of life. These were endowed with the capacity for reproducing off-spring "according to their kinds", in a fixes, orderly manner.

Genesis 1"12, 21, 24, 25;1 Corinthians 14:33. The Biblical "kinds" seem to constitute divisions of life-forms wherein each division allows for cross fertility within its limits. If so then the boundary between "kinds" is drawn at the point where it ceases to occur. In recent years the term "species" Has been applied in such a manner as to cause confusion when it is compared with the word "kind', the basic meaning of "species" is a "sort; kind; variety" .

In Biological terminology, however, it applies to any group of inter-fertile animals or plants mutually possessing one or more distinctive characteristics. Thus there could be many such species or varieties within a single division of the Genesis "kinds'.

Although the Bible creation record and the physical laws implanted in created things by God allow the created "kinds", there is no support for theories maintaining that new "kinds" have the unchangeable rule that "kinds" cannot cross is a biological principle that has never been successfully challenged. Even with the aid of modern laboratory techniques and manipulation, no new "kinds" have been formed.

Besides, the crossing of created "kinds" would interfere with God's purpose for a separation between family groups and would destroy the individuality of various kinds of living creatures and things. Hence because of the distinct discontinuity apparent between the created "kinds", each basic group stands as an isolated unit apart from other" kinds" From the earliest human record until now the evidence is that snakes are still snakes, old men with a white melanin are still old men and leopards have been and will always be leopards.

Sterility continues to be delimiting factor as to what this phenomenon makes possible, through the test of sterility, the determining of the boundaries of all "kinds" in existence today through this natural test of fertilisation it is possible to uncover the primary relationship within animal life and plant life. For example, sterility presents an impassable gulf between man and the animals.

Breeding experiments have demonstrated that appearance is no criteria. Man and the chimpanzee may look somewhat similar, have comparable types of muscles and bones; yet the complete inability of man to hybridise with the snake family proves that they are two separate creatures and not to the same created 'kinds'.

Although hybridisation was once hoped to be the best means of bringing about a new "kind",in ever y investigated case of hybridisation the mates were always easily identified as being of the same "kind", such as in the crossing of the horse family except in rare instances. The mule thus produced is sterile and unable to continue the variation in a natural way. Even Charles Darwin in Origin of Species was forced by the facts to admit:" the distinctness of specific forms and their not being blended together by innumerable transitional links is a very obvious difficulty". This still remains true.

Whereas specific created "kinds" may number only in the hundreds, there are many more varieties of animals and plants on the earth. Modern research has indicated that hundreds of thousands of different plants are members of the same family. Similarly, In the animal kingdom, there may be many varieties of cats, all belonging to one cat family or feline "kind".

The same is true of men, of cattle and dogs, allowing for great diversity within each "kind". But the fact remains that no matter how many varieties occur in each of these "kinds" can commingle genetically.

Geological research provides clear that the fossils held to be among the earliest specimens of a certain creature are very similar to their descendants alive today. Fossil" brides" between "kinds" are totally lacking. Horses, oak, trees, eagles, Elephants, walnuts, ferns-all continue within the same "kinds' without evolving into other "kinds".

The testimony of the fossils is in full accord with the Bible's History of creation which shows God created the living things of the earth in great numbers "according to their kinds" during the final creative periods-1:20-25.

From the fore going it becomes apparent clear that Noah did not preserve alive every variety of the animals, nut only representative members of the different "kinds" ,since they would reproduce in variety after the Noachian flood.

Following the recession of the flood waters, these comparatively few basic "kinds" although many new varieties have come into existence since the flood, the surviving "kinds" have remained fixed and unchanged.

So the creature of half human half snake seems to be the work of magic, inspired by demons to go on misleading the entire inhabited earth. It is no part of God's pristine creation.

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