14 November 2012

Ghana: 'Change, We Must!'


Surely, it would be difficult to find anybody, who would not instantly identify with the origin of the above titled-quotation, even if he/she may never have been to the University, and of course, would grant me apologies, so to suggest.

When I first read anything about the man, who was then Senator from Chicago, Illinois, USA, of mixed blood, I needed a lot of 'guts' to convince the people I was with, they could take me serious, when I did not agree with many around, that Barrack Hussein Obama was a joker, and not only that, but "a really big one at that".

Then I heard it from yet another man, who though born and bred in Ghana, had spent 33-years in America, with an American passport in his pocket, adding to the 'wherewithal', to tell the Nigger -"he must be a damn big joker."

"A damn big Nigger-joker." Well, the abode we found ourselves in was elevated, (i.e. in the good part of town, and the booze to wash down the Arabic-flavored chicken kebabs, was among the best from France).

Had that not been the case, more vulgar vocabulary would have flown into the air. "America is so racist, yelled the fifty-five-year-old Accountant, there was no way they would elect a Nigger into the White House".

The middle-aged, stoutly- built man rose up from his seat, as if he hadn't been acknowledged in the first place. He wanted us to recognize, he was emphatic. Some discussion emanated, but I was happy, nobody felt it was of any value, to challenge him.

Someone from the gathering I happened to meet at the gangway to the 'loo' asked me quite tacitly, "did they say he is an accountant?" I replied, "well, yeah!" I wasn't even sure, it was geared at me. The question was justified. The "snacking" went on, until late in the afternoon, the group I was part of, left the rendezvous at that moment.

The man the conversation had been all about was not alone in his loud pronouncements about "America's racism towards the 'blacks'." Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had been heard loud and clear that "he had a dream!." In his dream, his four children would one day be recognized, not based on the color of their skin, but on their character.

And yes again, "he had a dream, ..........!" He was awarded the "Nobel Peace Prize" in 1964, on that treatise. His wife, Coretta, had overheard the announcement first over the radio, and she had relayed it to him per telephone, whereby it was said there was disbelief in Dr. King's eyes first.

Four years ago, as Mr. H. Obama wanted to be President of the USA; Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. had been assassinated on American soil, thirty-six years previously, "on racism".

Someone believably close to Barak Obama, muted that, he believed in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, saying to his very close followers, "We will be there, even though I won't be with you."

The issue of the fate of the African-American, variously called Nigger, or Negro, had been that, what he had gone through for nearly 300 years, as a result of the Trans-Atlantic Slave-Trade, had led to his losing absolutely, any self-confidence. He did not feel it was any longer necessary to prove himself.

To whom? If anybody wanted to have his status elevated in any form, "The Black man" was the first to doubt it. So, as in the year AD 2008, "the race for The White House" on Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC was to take off, and among men of all races, a "Black-man" had shown his face, must have been the joke of the year, what else?

But Obama meant business, and he was not to be deterred. Among his closest competitors, was a former 1st Lady, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. In spite of very "bitter tussles" which Obama won, and was nominated, this "wise Nigger" saw the advantage the influential white lady could bring to his team.

A parallel would be the addition to Bill Clinton's team two dozen years previously, of Madeline Ulbricht. "Good things don't spoil, repeating themselves", someone said. He, (Obama), must have seen right from the beginning, the "World- role" he had taken upon himself.

He must have seen this role, as color-blind, and "nonsense-deaf" too. He had taken the role as leader of a World, in which around the clock, he would be awakened, and there would be trouble somewhere, and the US-President must rise up, and solve it alone, or lead the free world to do so.

You could count in his first Term of office alone: Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria. Don't forget, Afghanistan and Iraq had been inherited. There are that many people, and to my surprise, third World Nations, 'twice fought in Europe; 1914-18, and then again, 1939-45. America fought too, in Korea 1950-53, and yet again in Vietnam 1969-1974.

Was it all in World Interest, or American Interest? Altogether America had lost some 120,000 lives, (soldiers), and untold Billions of US Dollars. America has taken an important useful role in the Arab/Israeli conflict, which swallows not only the Oil-Dollars, from the Middle East, but also Dollars from Washington DC, (from Lockheed, and Boeing).

Perhaps it would be fair, for the world, (and us as third World too), to realize, we cannot have the world like she was before Hitler's invasion of Poland on 1st September, 1939, leading to declaration of War on Germany by France and Gt. Britain, leading to WWII.

America was drawn into it, after Pearl Harbor had been bombed by Japan in 1941, not to forget Japan and Germany were allies. So, all of us would realize why it is only of historic interest, when populations continue to tag people as Black, White, Yellow, African-American, and soon, it would be Afro-Asian, if indeed, it isn't that already.

Who would be able to forecast what roots the next Leader of America would be? Was there a problem in terms of roots, when in Ghana, we had a leader the type of Obama?

Many of us in the world don't any longer understand when we see problems as coming from race-roots. I do not doubt the wisdom in statements like, "had we got Airplanes and Bull-dozers, when America was discovered", we wouldn't have needed "any human brawn" to till the cotton fields of the "South Side".

The same argument is raised, when talking of the Pyramids. "The exploitative instincts in humans, which at times don't make it possible to draw any differences between men and donkeys, has been a problem in us", said a Hindu Surgeon to me, at a meeting in "South Africa", some fifteen years ago.

Our friend Obama cannot be seen to run an administration, which would favor any race. America, just like the world, should better be run "holistically," whatever that means. Just look at how joyful the multitudes of white people were, as President Obama won the race AGAIN!

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