29 November 2012

Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF Gives You the Edge

Photo: AllAfrica
ZANU-PF supporters.


Next week all roads will be leading to the Midlands Province where the Zanu-PF congress is going to be held in the Midlands provincial capital, Gweru. What is intriguing is that the revolutionary party has not yielded even an iota when it comes to the protection of the interests of Zimbabweans at national, regional and global level.

Zimbabweans deserve this victory as His Excellency President Mugabe has continued to steer the Zimbabwean ship in the right direction.

The revolutionary party has maintained a resilience of its own and a certain amount of caution that has brought us this far.

You cannot carry out fundamental change without a certain amount of "madness" and strong will that is evident in the Look East Policy that has already started bearing fruit.

In this case, it comes from boldness, stubbornness and the courage that Zimbabwe has shown in turning its back on the old formulas, the courage to discover the future and the resistance the revolutionary party has shown in being a caricature of Western imperialism.

This therefore buttresses the view that Zanu-PF will not cease to influence the life of Zimbabweans, the Southern African region and Africa as a continent.

The lessons that all progressive Zimbabweans have learnt is that every problem in life has got a solution because up to this moment President Mugabe has continued defending and fighting for the right and happiness of Zimbabweans and has never given up.

Zimbabwe requires such brave, astute, pragmatic and prudent leaders like him.

President Mugabe is and will remain a real leader for all times, sadly we have puppets that pretend to be leaders and yet harbour Lucipherian political machinations that are nothing but regime change conspiracies.

It is quite saddening that in this 21st Century we still have leaders who still worship the white man as if he were a god.

While radicals and revolutionaries as individuals can be rubbished and demonised, you cannot kill their ideas.

This year's Zanu-PF congress will show that Zanu-PF is not a party of the past; it is a party of all time.

Foreign-funded parties and their puppet leadership may demonise the revolutionary party left, right and centre, but it will all amount to nothing.

You cannot erase Zanu-PF from Zimbabwean history, neither can one throw Zanu-PF out of Zimbabwe nor eradicate its ideologies because they are progressive.

It is Zanu-PF that taught us to rise up and claim our freedom and resources.

"Freedom is never given on a silver platter by the oppressor."

Progressive Zimbabweans will never forget the massacres at Chimoio, Chibondo, Nyadzonia and many others where so many of our brothers perished.

The most horrible thing is that some among us do not respect and cherish the blood that was shed and are always wining and dining with our erstwhile colonisers and are declaring themselves champions for this "fake democracy" that they are purporting to promote.

Zanu-PF's message is loud and clear, "let the blood which nurtured the tree of freedom be the oil of our fight to call our resources our own and let the struggle continue, victory is ours."

As progressive Zimbabweans, we no longer have to be deceived and be "converted" to neo-colonialism because we are aware of what we fought for and this is why President Mugabe sternly warned our erstwhile colonisers to take their "hands off" and not meddle in Zimbabwe's internal affairs.

Amilcar Cabral brilliantly captured it when he advised, "Always bear in mind that people are not fighting for ideas, for the things in anyone's head. They are fighting to win material benefits, to live better and in peace, to see their lives go forward, to guarantee the future of their children."

This is why we contend that it's only Zanu-PF that gives us the edge.

Our existence in Zimbabwe is rooted in our past, in the traditional society which produced us.

As we go to Gweru, we must know in our hearts that the masses must be educated to decolonise their minds, the central objective is that they must become aware that they can be masters and not servants, they can be employers and not employees.

In decolonising the mind, they become new beings, they overthrow the authority which alien Eurocentric traditions have exercised over them.

This calls for the dismantling of white supremacist beliefs, and the structures which uphold them, in every area of our lives.

It must be stressed, however, that decolonisation does not entail a redundancy of foreign traditions; it simply means denial of their authority and withdrawal of our allegiance from them.

It must not be forgotten that our President has taught us to be proud of ourselves, to stand tall and to know that we are a hardworking people.

Zimbabweans must therefore remember and cherish that it is better to be workaholics than to parade ourselves as beggars and have millions of dollars thrown our way in a humiliating and treacherous way.

This is why all Zanla and Zipra fighters have shown to all and sundry that revolutions are brought about by men, men who think as men of action and act as men of thought.

This is why we will never forget Herbert Chitepo, Josiah Tongogara, Jason Ziyapapa Moyo, Solomon Mujuru and others.

Zanu-PF, as a revolutionary party, is aware that regime change is a development by refinement from neo-colonialism; just as neo-colonialism is development by refinement from colonialism . . . puppetry is but the "gentlemen's method of perpetuating neo-colonialism".

One of Africa's greatest sons, Robert Sobukwe from South Africa advised that "Here is a tree rooted in African soil, nourished with waters from the rivers of Africa.

"Come and sit under its shade and become, with us, the leaves of the same branch and the branches of the same tree".

Lesiba correctly observed that the people heed Sobukwe's call to join other Africans under the shade of the African tree, but some among the blacks have actually decided to invite foreigners and share the shade with them.

These treacherous Africans are doing so for a few Judas Iscariot pieces of silver and think in their silliness and stupidity they will be rewarded with political positions.

These political impostors are prepared to give away Africa's wealth to foreigners, leaving us as cheap employees.

This is the predicament that Zimbabweans must continue to guard against.

This is why all the provinces have already endorsed President Mugabe to stand as the Zanu-PF candidate in the forthcoming elections.

This is why in our last instalment we proposed that Morgan Tsvangirai will never be able to dislodge President Mugabe from power even if he were to land on the moon a thousand times.

We are informed by reliable sources in MDC-T party that there is pandemonium in their camp.

The centre can no longer hold.

To think that MDC-T can do any miracle in 2013 is synonymous to putting lip stick on a frog thinking that it can look more beautiful.

To quote the former American Ambassador to Zimbabwe Christopher Dell, the end is nigh for the Movement for Democratic Change.

The premier is like a frog that jumps into a tin of cold water and unbeknown to it the tin is put on the fire.

As the water slowly heats up, the frog simply is over-excited as it thinks that the water is simply becoming warm devoid of the fact that it is slowly being cooked to death.

Jabulo Ncube was correct in noting that the premier is nothing but "a bundle of contradictions, with alleged intellectual shortcomings".

Nhlanhla Dube brilliantly noted that Tsvangirai has proverbially cut off his nose to spite his face.

The premier has not only become a danger unto himself, but to the party as a whole.

He is not visionary and has unconsciously put the party into disrepute.

Some senior members in the party have reliably informed us that they have tried to knock sense into their leader's head so that he regains his sanity and steers the ship in the "right direction", but all this has fallen on deaf ears, the premier has refused to smell the coffee.

Arguably this explains why MDC-T is now mired in controversial intra-party primary elections.

Many ordinary men and women in the streets erroneously believe that the Movement for Democratic Change, like their name suggests, is a democratic party.

The truth is that it is not and does not have the slightest clue that democratic elections at party primary level must be conducted in a transparent manner.

MDC-T "heavies" are embroiled in power struggles as we are reliably informed and are afraid of being dislodged by the newcomers who want to challenge them in the primaries.

They have not delivered and now that the time of reckoning is at hand they know that the general populace are the ones who are now wielding the axe. All progressive Zimbabweans are aware that these MDC-T "heavies" have been intoxicated with power, have tasted the sweetness of power and they cannot afford the luxury of losing office to MDC-T mafikizolos.

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