2 January 2013

Zimbabwe: When Wishful Thinking Becomes Prophecy


An opinion piece recently published by an online publication, authored by the MDC-T policy chief Eddie Cross, and titled "2013 Outlook: Prophecies by Eddie Cross" was quite telling in revealing the geo-political forces at play on the Zimbabwean scene.

The lexicon used by Eddie Cross is most interesting, especially when one has done a bit of reading on the work of mercenaries, or fortune hunters. That Eddie Cross views Zimbabwe as a safari whose sole value is game slaughter is not in doubt, especially when one looks at his infamous 2007 call that Zimbabwe was supposed to "crash and burn" so that the Western hunters could "pick the pieces."

If the MDC-T was not owned by Eddie Cross and his kith and kin from the West, the most decent thing that could have happened after Cross's outrageous 2007 call could have been his expulsion from the MDC-T - following a natural stepping down from his role as the Director of Policy, or whatever it is they called him then at the Western sponsored quisling party.

Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC-T leadership have tied hands when it comes to dealing with Eddie Cross and Roy Bennet, the two senior representatives of the Rhodesian establishment within the MDC-T. The two white men clearly do not view themselves as subordinates to anyone in the echelons of the MDC-T. Rather they view Tsvangirai and the rest of his indigenous leadership as a mere front to their vested interests, being the real interests behind the MDC project.

Cross began his piece by describing the year 2013 as the "final stage in this hunt," of the "wounded buffalo." He makes the point very clear that the essence of the existence of the MDC-T has nothing to do with alternative governance in a post-colonial independent Zimbabwe, but all to do with a task to hunt down one man - President Mugabe. That has for long been the bane of opposition politics in Zimbabwe.

We know that the personification of everything that went wrong with white privilege in Zimbabwe is Robert Mugabe, and it will just not do to publicly condemn the wider grassroots that has supported policies like the popular land reclamation of 2000, or the equally popular economic empowerment laws currently being implemented in Zimbabwe. Create a Great Satan and isolate him for tremendous slander. That is the Western strategy.

When it comes to Zimbabwean politics the West would not accept any analysis of the political system as a product of a collective effort by Zanu-PF leadership and the party's supporters, let alone including the generality of the masses. Everything about Zimbabwe has been reduced to one evil man by the name Robert Mugabe - with all his colleagues relegated to the demeaning role of "cronies," or "Mugabe's people." Even this writer has been described as "Mugabe's man in Australia," and the idea of course is to incite political hate and to manufacture public resentment.

Cross says the "beaters" within Zanu-PF have "forced him into the open on our side of the bush," referring of course to Mugabe the "wounded buffalo."

This writer recalls the misfortune of one war veteran from Manicaland - a good friend who has a permanent disability whose origins were an encounter with a "wounded buffalo." The comrade's war time nom de guerre was Mukoma Krinti - a nickname he got after he shocked fellow trainee fighters at a training camp in Mozambique. The young recruits lined up before a commander who wanted them to declare loudly their assumed war names before they could be deployed for war.

Everyone else was going "Mabhunu Muchapera," "Comrade Killer," "Mukoma Hondo," "Victor Gandanga," "Teura Ropa" and so on, when this good young man from Mbare declared, "Clint Eastwood!"

The commander floored him straightaway with a well-executed slap on the face. He charged, "How dare you call yourself by the name of heroes of the very people we are fighting here?" Everyone started laughing and cheering "Krinti! Krinti! Krinti!!" and that is how the nom de guerre stuck.

Anyway, Mukoma Krinti and a colleague decided one day to go drinking instead of hunting down Clint Eastwood's colonialist relatives. In their drunken stupor on the way back to the base they spotted a buffalo taking cover by a bush thicket.

The two comrades connived to end the life of the poor animal, convincing each other that it would do well for a mass dinner at a pungwe that evening. Krinti took aim, and the bullet from his AK47 ricocheted on the hard forehead of the beast. The animal fled, and the two comrades laughed and proceed with their walk. After a kilometre or so the wounded buffalo erupted from the jungle in an unexpected ambush, tackling Mukoma Krinti by the angle tendon and throwing him all over the place.

He survived the attacks and he spent the rest of the war time back at the rear in Mozambique, nursing his permanent injuries that trouble him to this day. This is what a wounded buffalo is capable of doing, and Eddie Cross has every cause to be scared.

His MDC-T party have messed up big time in the inclusive government and no sane person gives them a chance at governance after the clownish show by MDC-T run local councils, and also the inept conduct by the majority of the party's MPs and cabinet ministers.

The Zimbabwean political ground could as well be in the hands of Zanu-PF at the moment, as the opinion survey carried out by pro-MDC-T Freedom House recently sowed. This is why Eddie Cross writes that the biggest scare facing the MDC-T right now is that Zanu-PF could "lure us onto their own ground" to "win the election," if the party manages to call for an early election.

Eddie Cross intimates that the shambolic state of affairs in the scandal smitten MDC-T is so bad that the "beaters" within Zanu-PF have decided "to go for a confrontation with the MDC." Who can blame them?

He also concedes that the shameless fight to avoid an election by the MDC-T has become counterproductive, writing that it is "bad for the country to drag this fight out for much longer."

Eddie Cross then passes his wishful thinking for prophecy, starting with a not so wild prediction that this year's election will be in June; and this is despite that we have no constitutional vacuum in the country, and constitutionally elections are due March 2013.

Cross tacitly says Morgan Tsvangirai has been tasked to prepare for the ballot, adding that the MDC-T leader was already busy holding meetings "with agencies responsible." At the time Cross' piece was published, Tsvangirai was in Europe meeting the so mentioned "agencies responsible," - the Western handlers of the MDC-T.

At a personal level Eddie Cross is "tired of the waiting game that has gone on since 2008 when we wounded the buffalo." Of course those doing the waiting are the Western imperial funders of the MDC-T, who cannot wait for a pliant Zimbabwe they believe they can once again wantonly exploit unabated for the realisation of selfish super-profits.

Eddie Cross expressed his uttermost fear, writing, "If the old bull survives it will mean that he has been able to beat off his hunter." There is good cause for this panic.

But the hunter of Mugabe cannot be Morgan Tsvangirai and his MDC-T. These are more like spears from the quiver of the hunter, who is the grieved post-colonial imperialist that somehow hankers for a restoration of the good old farming days on land stolen from the Zimbabwean masses. Roy Bennet has adamantly kept the faith on this one.

Elliot Manyika was probably right when he claimed that the 2005 electoral win by Zanu-PF was a win against Tony Blair and Britain, and that it had very little to do with defeating Morgan Tsvangirai and his colleagues in the quisling party. Election 2013 could as well be about Mugabe "beating off his hunter," according to Eddie Cross, and that hunter is the same old imperial vampire.

The biggest fear raised by Cross is that a Mugabe win could easily usher in a successor who will simply perpetuate the pro-people policies so hated by Eddie Cross and his kith and kin from the West.

To try and scare the burning hell out of the voter, Eddie Cross prophesies that a Zanu-PF win will come with the Zim dollar being "lifted out of the grave." He further prophesies that "the economy will be taken over and dished out to the cronies, and a small minority will enjoy the spoils of the hunt."

In typical doom style prophecy Eddie goes for the killer threat. "Another 3 million people will flee to safer climes and countries."

The message is very clear. A Zanu-PF win will mean the return of a valueless Zimbabwean dollar, self-aggrandisement by Zanu-PF officials, and a massive flight of millions of stranded Zimbabweans. The propaganda is not too bad for a party so ignorant of policy alternatives.

Then Prophet Cross goes for the milk and honey prophecy. In the unlikely event of an MDC-T win, Cross is led by the spirit to tell us of a super-efficient trimmed MDC-T government of 20 Cabinet Ministers and 18 ministries - all led by the scandalous Morgan Tsvangirai whom American Chris Dell declares needs "massive handholding" if ever he were to assume the presidency.

The same MDC-T that connived with Zanu-PF to overrule their own GPA laws and to violate the limit to only 33 ministers in 2009 cannot surely assure us that they believe in trimmed and efficient governments.

This writer likes one thing about the MDC-T. When the party was formed in 1999 they repeatedly told us that government does not work. When they joined government in 2009 they simply proved it.

But I digress. Prophet Cross says the Marange diamond fields "would be nationalised," by an MDC-T government, and that the "existing operators would be expelled."

Expelling investors is only bad when it is being done to colonially privileged plunderers by Zanu-PF, but heroic when carried out by the MDC-T against indigenous investors empowered by Zanu-PF policies. That message must come out very clear to the Zimbabwean voter.

Well, Cross prophesies about a persecuting "National Prosecuting Authority" out on the hunt for "all violations of human, political and economic rights," - the economic rights being a euphemism for the terminated colonial privileges of white Zimbabweans who used to dominate the country's agriculture and other sectors of the economy.

In his prophetic hallucinations, Eddie Cross envisages a shouting Tsvangirai yelling to the West, "Zimbabwe is now open for business!"

The height of the hallucinations was probably the assertion that the flocking Western investors coming after Tsvangirai's yell would "inject $15 billion dollars into the economy."

Other parts of the colourful Cross prophesies promised "local equities trading at real values, similar to those in South Africa," - yes the Marikana South Africa that badly needs to emulate Zimbabwe's indigenisation policies if a mother of all bloodsheds is to be averted.

Cross says the Tsvangirai yell would suddenly come with a decade of "mineral exports increasing by 30% per year," and we are simply expected to believe it all.

We are then told Zimbabwe would be receiving 20% of Southern Africa's gross tourist arrivals. Impressive statistics when one considers that Southern Africa has 16 countries that include Madagascar and Mauritius.

Then came the big one! Cross prophesies about "restoration of secure land rights," meaning the "secure land rights" of Section 16 of the Lancaster House constitution that once solidly secured the right of 4000 white commercial farmers to control 75% of the country's arable land.

If these draconian land rights get restored, Cross prophesies that in the 2014/15 farming season agricultural output would be on the rise, presumably on the basis of the returning of "skilled farmers."

One has to admire the determination and resolve of Rhodesians. Hearing Cross talking of "restoration" of colonial privileges tells of a man indisputably committed to the cause of his ideological excesses, however egregious.

Zimbabwe we are one and together we will overcome. It is homeland or death!!

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