15 January 2013

Liberia: Hot Businesses for Under U.S.$50


Hot Businesses for Under US$50 - That Will Give You Thousands of United States Dollars in Profits Without Much Stress

In time pass so many people believed that large sum of money was required to be able to own and operate a business. The myth that the big corporation is the key to the economic development of a nation is just that, a myth. The reality is that all major economies depend greatly on the small businesses as the backbone of the economy. All of the small businesses combined provide more activity for the economy in the form of jobs, production, and financial returns than any single corporation.

To be part of a Liberia that will rise and be developed to the level of a productive nation, I would say that it is the obligation of every good citizen to assist the nation in its growth by owning and operating his or her own business and am glad a few have realize this. Each business that provides some kind of useful product or service adds to the total significant output of the nation as a whole.

So for those who have the desire to make a sincere contribution to the nation's economy while also developing personal wealth, I offer some ideas of business that anyone can own and operate for US$50 dollars or less. In many cases the investment in these businesses only requires the human effort.

With these industries, your educational level does not really matter. It doesn't matter which side of town you live on, and it definitely doesn't matter what your age is.The only thing that matter is that you have a strong desire to become a business owner to accumulate wealth. Money is only attracted to the person who desires it and makes a proper plan to get it. Therefore, if you do not have wealth, it is because you have not desired it. Well, you can change that and make the decision to start today with one of the suggested businesses below.

Personal Services

1. Barber/Beautician/Nail Technician- It is very important to understand that we live in a time where people are so busy and very impatient. This is a very positive factor for the person who has training in any of these areas. The traditional operating style for these industries is to work from a shop.

The problem is that shops require rent, electricity, and location. These factors can be costly to the person with no money. Secondly even if you work for a shop you will only earn a small salary because it will be necessary to share the earnings of your labor with the shop owner. Most of all, the traditional shops are small and usually crowded.

The person who will be wise and innovative can learn from these instructions and develop a very significant business with under fifty dollars for tools and transportation. The strategy here is to build a client base that you will go to and provide the same service at their location and their convenience. People will pay extra to have their hair, or nails done at their homes or offices at the times that are convenient for them. When you go to your customer you position yourself to take advantage of every benefit. The customer will provide the place where your work will be done free of charge, and so you will have no burden of a shop rent, expenses, or location. Furthermore, while you are at your customer's location, many in some cases will provide you with free food and drink. This will cut out your expenses of lunch money. Thirdly and most important, the customer will be willing to pay more for your service at their own location and at their convenience, and still give you a tip after all because he or she appreciates the benefit of you providing them with your personal care and attention. This is a sure winner for the forward thinker.

2. CAR WASH SERVICES- The traditional type of car wash is set up in a location where people have to bring their cars and then wait for several hours while their cars gets cleaned. If the car has to get a detailed cleaning the waiting time is even longer. Most people do not have the time or the desire to wait around to get their cars cleaned. There have already been some smart guys who have realized that they could clean cars for their customers at the job site. This has proven to be a great financial boost to a few car wash business owners, but there are still some challenges with the above two types of car wash businesses. Firstly, the traditional car wash as with most businesses, requires a location and either a tent or some kind of cover to work under. Then there are the expenses of rent and utilities such as electricity and water. The startup of a traditional carwash can require between five hundred to three thousand US dollars. Then, there are the carwash businessmen that operate from the offices, these guys are limited in the types of services that they can provide. Furthermore, the permission to operate from the parking lot of a business is not easily acquired and cannot be given to more than one or two persons per office, however, due to the security responsibility of the company, most companies are moving away from having individuals who are not employed by the company loitering on their premises.

The wise guy will focus on developing a customer base where he would go to the customer's home to provide the carwash service. The customer will gladly give you the permission to come on to his property, at no cost to clean his car. Furthermore, they will also provide you with water and electricity needed free of charge. Your total investment for your equipment, supplies, and transportation will be less then US fifty dollars, and the reality is that most customers will even be glad to help you get started and they will also help you to build up your client base.

3. CLOTHES IRONING SERVICE- There are so many people that require their clothes be ironed and they will be prepared to pay the person who will offer them this service at a reasonable price. In so many homes across the nation there are bundles of clothes just packed down in bags or baskets because they need to be ironed.

This type of business requires an investment from zero to one dollar just to get you to the job. The customer provides everything including the location, the electricity, the iron and board, and even the food. All that you have to do is to show up and do a good job and provide a proper value for the customer's money. If you do not know how to iron, you can train yourself right where you live by practicing on your own clothes or your friends and family's clothes. In this field, a serious person will have endless work and can earn even more than the white-collar worker. There are a few hundred homes just waiting for the service to be offered and then business begins.

4. HOUSE CLEANING SERVICE- This is almost identical to the clothes ironing business. The traditional challenge is that most people try to hire a maid to clean their homes and also iron once a week. The problem there is that one of the two services usually suffers because of the time factor. House cleaning is not maid service. The objective is for you to go in and clean the home properly and then leave after that just as if you were cleaning an office. This will allow you to provide cleaning service to more than one home per day. The fact is that within two hours most homes can be completed which will allow this business owner to service at least three homes every day.

There are over a few hundred homes that require this type of service and so the work availability is endless. The investment for this type of business is also in the range of zero to one US dollar just for transportation. The client provides all of the supplies necessary to do the job.

5. HOME WINDOW CLEANING SERVICE- This is a service that is desired by many people but it is not commonly available. The second challenge is that when the service is found the price that is required by the potential provider is just too high and the customer is not willing to pay it. The reality is that while customers will be willing to pay to have their home windows cleaned, it is at a very low priority.

The only thing that will induce people to accept the window cleaning service on a regular basis will be the price. For a price of one US dollar per window, the wise business owner will get between twenty to fifty windows available for cleaning each and every week or two. The successful person will approach this type of business from the volume possibilities and not from the price per home. The customer will also provide all of the supplies necessary to do the job. The investment to get this business started will range from ten to fifty dollars. There is minimal cost because a ladder will be needed to do the job properly.

6. HOME PAINTING SERVICE- this type of business has so much room for growth and development. The main reason is the high cost. The traditional painters or painting companies charge so much money that people cannot afford to pay for the service and so as a result there are so many houses in our community that need painting but are not. Truly paint adds a significant value to the price of the house.

The key here is to do volume and not just one or two homes per month. The investment for this business will range from twenty to fifty dollars.

7. CARPET CLEANING SERVICE- This is also a much-needed service, but the traditional carpet companies are just too expensive for the average people. The key in this business for the new comer is a low enough price that make sense for the customer to clean that carpet that really needs the cleaning. Almost every home with high value has at least one area with carpet. The work availability is endless. If this operation is positioned properly, the customers will even be prepared to buy their own carpet cleaning supplies from you to keep until their next cleaning. The investment cost to get started can range from thirty to fifty dollars for the machinery, but with the right business strategy, the customers will be willing to help you to finance the cost of your initial equipment and supplies.

8. HOME WORK ASSISTANCE SERVICE- There are so many children who need this type of help but the parents are not able to help them for one or two reasons. Either they do not know the material or they do not have the time to spend with the children. Many parents will appreciate this service, especially if it is provided at their home instead of having to drop their children at some center. This can also be for some other extra curricula activity such as playing an instrument. The cost to get in to this type of business will require an investment from zero to fifty dollars depending on what you teach. However, in most cases the customer will have the necessary equipment to get the job done.

9. MEAL PREPARATION SERVICE- The act of providing families with their own personal chef will be a very fascinating and cherished service. The fact that most families eat out of the home at least two times each day proves that there is a great need for this type of service. Furthermore, because most families have two people out working home cooked meals are not available for more than once or twice per week, but the money for unhealthy food is being spent all the time. Once you can prove that you have the skill of cooking and you present yourself with high standards, you will have more business than you can handle. This is a golden opportunity to earn more money than any company would be prepared to pay you for an annual salary. The investment for this type of business is just from zero to one dollar for your transportation.

These are just a few of the types of businesses that can be opened and operated by any person who has the desire to own and operate his own business. Even though these ideas might seem simple, to make them into a proper business you would have to plan properly and organize a business strategy so that your effort do not turn out to being nothing more than another dead end job.

All of these business ideas require work, and for those who have no money to start with, your most precious asset is your human labor. Wealth will not come to the lazy person, but to the one who works, plans smartly to and develops for the future.

There are off course many other ideas for developing a small business, but the decision to work whatever type of business that you decide to own and operate is up to you. The only thing that you need at this stage is the desire and then an action plan. Your imagination can take you to worlds far beyond what you can currently see.

Meanwhile, I have developed a detail manual for success and how you can develop a client base and helping you design a business strategy. You can contact me on the below numbers for a copy and for personal consulting on helping you start and develop your business.

Chealy Brown Dennis is a strategic planner, leadership and organizational development consultant and certified leader and trainer with EQUIP and Leadership Management Project Group, USA and Nigeria. He has founded and worked with several non-governmental organizations in and out of Liberia. He can be contacted through email at:

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