31 January 2013

Zimbabwe: You Cannot Tame a Crocodile


Pseudo white liberals in the two MDC parties never cease to amuse us. This white minority group is omnipotent as it imposes its will on a powerless black leadership. They seem to know what is good for the blacks in the party.

What is disheartening is that the black constituency strongly believes in them.

These whites do most of the serious talking while the blacks do the listening.

When they are among their own kind in Western capitals they give lectures glorifying their race while castigating and vilifying black nationalists.

What the MDCs really stand for is seen through the thinking behind its white constituency.

These are the very people who own it as well as control its thoughts.

They have overriding authority, control, influence and power over most of the activities which take place within the party.

The black faces are a mere front, a disguise, a smokescreen and a cover-up of a white-owned political party.

The blacks in MDC have been instructed by their white sponsors to deny the effects of sanctions on the populace and economy, they have been commanded to entrench white interests in the draft Constitution, they have been ordered to rubbish the indigenisation and economic empowerment policies, they have been directed to ridicule independence and heroes' days and above all they have been strongly told to sabotage various government initiatives aimed at improving the lives of disadvantaged Zimbabweans.

The blacks in MDC are being treated as perpetual under-13s.

Who can deny this when Eddie Cross says his MDC party intends to overhaul the state administration by expelling all companies mining diamonds in Marange and also restoring secure land rights if they win the 2013 elections.

This proves that Cross is mainly interested in benefitting his kith and kin at the expense of the majority black people.

Roy Bennet breathed fire over an MDC-T attendance at the burial of the late Vice-President Cde John Nkomo.

These pseudo-white liberals would rather celebrate Rhodes-Founders Day than to honour the gallant sons and daughters of Zimbabwe's liberation struggle.

They want us to forget our history and cherish theirs.

Marcus Garvey told us that a people without the knowledge of their history are like a tree without roots.

To understand the present you should look at the past.

David Coltart also gave a directive that no person would be appointed as a national team selector unless they had represented Zimbabwe in that particular sport.

The directive would automatically disqualify many blacks from being selectors in the game of cricket. Whom do these guys consult before they make such retrogressive statements?

Looking at the above three careless remarks made by these pseudo-white liberals it is quite evident that they are more interested in entrenching white interests in whatever sector of Zimbabwean life.

It can be clearly seen that this pseudo-liberal white group is very divisive in word and deed.

They want black nationalists and some members of the security sector to stand trial before The Hague and they also want black businesspeople investigated on how they acquired their wealth that is if their MDC quislings, puppets and surrogates ever get in power.

It comes as no surprise at all that these few whites who wield immense power in the MDC formations behave the way they do.

The white man's philosophy is littered with a lot of false and negative assumptions about the black race.

Montesquieu, the French philosopher, has a very sinister theory on how climatic conditions have made the black man inferior in intellect to the white man.

David Hume, a Scottish philosopher had this to say: "I am apt to suspect that the Negroes, and in general, all other species of men, to be naturally inferior to the whites. There never was any civilised nation of any other complexion than whites."

There is quite a whole lot of literature on what the white race has written about the black man. Isn't it that the whites in South Africa saw the African as a hewer of wood and drawer of water?

The black man was taken as a tool for white exploitation. Bennet, Coltart and Cross also grew up in a Rhodesian society which gave such privileges to the white man. You will never tame a crocodile.

These three pseudo-liberals claim that they have black souls wrapped up in white skins yet when it comes to the formulation of policy they openly stand on the side of their kith and kin.

Malcom X clearly warned us that it is hard for a white man to truly accept a black man as an equal partner in economic, political and social issues.

Frantz Fanon incensed by this white prejudice questioned what made them think they were different from other races.

Isn't it that any creature that is human has a superior brain to that of the other animals, it has emotions and feelings, it feels pain, it cries when happy or sad, it communicates using a language, it cooks its food, it understands figures or numbers, it can fly a plane or drive a car, it can make sense out of printed material and so on.

Are Eddie Cross, David Coltart and Roy Bennet immune from the above characteristics that determine our being human despite the differences in the colour of our skins?

Whites have a very wrong perception of other races which clearly proves how narrow-minded they are.

They live in a cocoon where they are ignorant or pretend to be ignorant of the great contributions each race has made to the civilisation of all mankind.

No single race should ever be allowed to claim that it has done more for this world more than the other races.

Civilisation is interdependent.

Each race has borrowed quite a lot from the other race.

To steal another race's ingenuity and later perfect it a bit and then claim that it is your own inventiveness will never take away the cleverness of the original inventors. (We promise our readers in weeks to come to write an article on the great contributions the black race has made to human civilization.)

Should a people claim that they lead or own a political party when they hardly decide anything of importance in that party?

Zanu-PF has a mind of its own.

It has no strings attached to whatever decision or policy it comes up with.

Our friends in the MDC need to take a few lessons from the revolutionary Zanu-PF.

Respect for the leadership of any political party is born out of the realisation that African norms, values, beliefs and aspirations come first before anything else.

A political party that defends minority white rights at the expense of its majority black constituency is very likely to face defeat in any election.

Simple logic dictates that the views of the majority blacks in the MDC formations should ultimately determine the broad economic, political and social direction taken by these parties.

A party with a majority of people who are blacks must clearly show African values and be truly indigenous.

We are not being racist and neither are we opposed or in disagreement with the inclusion of white people in any political party hierarchy in Zimbabwe.

We concur with Steve Biko as we also totally condemn and strongly oppose white hegemony in a party with a majority of blacks.

We, like Biko, are against the superior-inferior white-black stratification that makes the white a perpetual teacher and the black a perpetual pupil.

We are critical to the intellectual arrogance of white people that makes them believe that white leadership is godly and superior and that whites are divinely appointed pace-setters in progress.

We are totally opposed to the fact that an unrepentant white Rhodesian outfit should impose an entire set of retrogressive and rabidly racist values on an indigenous black party.

Should the blacks in the MDC formations be reduced by a few whites in the hierarchy of their parties to empty shells?

Should they really be turned into mere shadows of other men as well as be completely defeated and made to drown in an inferiority complex.

Movie goers might have by now watched Quentin Tarantino's all star cast film entitled 'Django Unchained'.

Calvin Candie (Leonardo Dicaprio) who is a ruthless plantation owner pretends by all means to be a white liberal just like what Cross, Bennet and Coltart do.

Candie's true racist colours come out when he holds the skull of a black slave who once faithfully worked for his father.

He tells Django (Jamie Foxx) that blacks are inferior in thinking as they have an inherent sense of servitude to the white race.

The character of Steven, who is an old house Negro, is brilliantly performed by Samuel L. Jackson and he clearly shows the kind of black man we have today who is man only in form.

Steven is a black man who is a complete shadow of the white man, a man who has been affected by white racism to the extent of being completely turned into an idiot who hates his own kind and loyally serves the white master.

He has accepted to be nothing else but an ox bearing the yoke of white oppression with sheepish timidity.

Django on the other hand is a man who has seen through the threadbare white lies of them being a better race.

He challenges this white fallacy in order to prove that he is also a man just like any other man and that he also deserves the right to be called a man just like any other man be his skin colour black, brown, white, red, yellow or blue.

The logic of white domination has always been centred on preparing the black man for a subservient role.

The black constituency in the two MDC formations seems to be content in playing the second citizen role. The white group in the MDC party has induced a sense of inferiority on the black members of the party to the extent that some of them actually behave in a very idiotic way in defence of white interests.

Without any favour, Zanu-PF has produced at the output end of the economic, political and social process real black people who do not regard themselves as puppets, marionettes, surrogates or appendages of white society.

Stories are abound of Zimbabweans working in South Africa who have stood their ground against the false superiority of a white minority race which still basks in the former glory of an apartheid era.

How can you be free if you occupy someone else's space, if you follow someone else's path and if you also carry someone else's bags?

As an African people, we should set an example to every black man out there, be it on the African continent or in the Diaspora that Zimbabwe is a 'black light fighting against white darkness'.

The black light stands for all those progressive black people who have resisted and still resist white dominance.

White darkness represents white racism, imperialism, colonialism and control.

The black-light in white darkness therefore stands for black revolutionaries fighting against neo-colonialism.

As the late Robert Nester Marley would say, we refuse to be what you want us to be (nincompoops and surrogates), we are what we are (revolutionary children of Nehanda, Lobengula, Mapondera, Mkwati, Chingaira ...) and that's the way it is going to be. You cannot educate us.

We remain black and proud and we don't lack.

Bowden B.C Mbanje and Darlington N. Mahuku are lecturers in international relations, and peace and governance with Bindura University of Science Education

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