Africa Fumes Over UK PM's Aid Cut Threat on Gays

African countries are fuming after British Prime Minister David Cameron told the Commonwealth Heads of Govt Meeting in Perth Australia that his administration will slash aid to African countries with poor records on gay rights.

  • Uganda:   UK's Cameron Touched Wrong Button On Gays

    Observer, 6 November 2011

    The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, touched a raw nerve when he told a journalist at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Australia last week, that his… Read more »

  • Nigeria:   Did the Prime Minister Really Say That?

    Leadership, 6 November 2011

    Let me put it crudely. It has just emerged that David Cameron, the Conservative prime minister of Britain, wants men to start having sex with fellow men and women with fellow… Read more »

  • Africa:   Continent Must Shun Western Aid

    The Herald, 6 November 2011

    It seems some world leaders, though misguided, are clearly driven by archaic and racist theories propagated by discredited individuals like Charles Darwin, who centuries ago… Read more »

  • Africa:   Africa Won't Sacrifice Values for Donor Aid

    Nation, 5 November 2011

    Over the years, Africa has found itself beholden to the West for development aid, not so much because the continent lacks the resources necessary for growth, but because of decades… Read more »

  • East Africa:   Region Dares UK On Homosexuality

    Monitor, 5 November 2011

    Tanzania, Zanzibar, and other East African states have said they will not accept overtures from United Kingdom to grant legal rights to homosexuality. Read more »

  • Africa:   Is the West Still Colonizing Continent?

    Daily News, 5 November 2011

    "No one can deny Prime Minister Cameron his right to make policies, take initiatives and make statements that reflects his societal norms and ideals. But he does not have the right… Read more »

  • Ghana:   Stand Up Against Gay Rights - Man of God Urges Christian Community

    Ghanaian Chronicle, 4 November 2011

    The General Overseer of the Evangelical Church of Ghana (ECG), Rev. Daniel Gbande, has urged the Christian community in Ghana to stand up strongly against gay rights. According to… Read more »

  • Tanzania:   Britain Won't Force TZ to Accept Gays

    Citizen, 4 November 2011

    The British High Commissioner to Tanzania, Ms Diane Corner, yesterday came out in defence of her country following growing condemnation of Prime Minister David Cameron who is being… Read more »

  • Kenya:   UK's Aid Ban On Countries That Outlaw Gay Rights Smacks of Double Standards

    Nation, 4 November 2011

    Money speaks, or so the saying goes. And it came to pass that when the recent Commonwealth leaders summit in Perth, Australia, failed to adopt a recommendation seeking to end… Read more »

  • Nigeria:   Getting Gay Rights Wrong in Africa and Brown Envelopes

    African Arguments, 4 November 2011

    David Cameron's threat to cut aid to governments which do not uphold gay rights goes right to the heart of the West's relationship with Africa. John Atta Mills, Africa's quietest… Read more »

  • Tanzania:   Govt Says No to UK

    Citizen, 3 November 2011

    Tanzania has categorically rejected overtures from the United Kingdom to grant legal rights to same-sex partners.Addressing a press conference yesterday, Zanzibar President Dr Ali… Read more »

  • Ghana:   Mills Talks Tough On Gay and Lesbianism 'Nonsense'

    Ghanaian Chronicle, 3 November 2011

    After receiving much criticism from a cross section of the public for failing to take a stance on the homosexuality discussions, which is gradually spreading across the length and… Read more »

  • Africa:   British PM's Statement Amoral

    Citizen, 3 November 2011

    Over a couple of weeks ago on October 10th to be precise British Prime Minister, David Cameron pledged to slash aid to African countries with poor records on gay rights. The man… Read more »

  • Ghana:   Ghana Tells Off UK Over Threat On Gays

    Nation, 3 November 2011

    British Prime Minister David Cameron has become Ghanaians' worst enemy for the moment as several people have called into radio stations to insult him for daring to threaten that… Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   Homosexuality - Truth Passes Three Stages

    Financial Gazette, 2 November 2011

    I HOLD no brief for homosexuals myself and like most Zimbabweans find the practice disgusting but in the interest of opening one's mind and putting up with unorthodox and… Read more »

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