Is South Sudan's Economy Collapsing?

The country's decision to shut down oil production that came into effect earlier this year, could see the economy take a nose dive says a World Bank report.

South Sudanese citizens show support for their government’s decision to shut down all oil production.

  • South Sudan:  Economy On the Verge of Collapse, World Bank Warns

    Sudan Tribune, 6 May 2012

    The newly independent state of South Sudan is quickly headed towards an economic cliff in light of its decision to shut down oil production which went into effect earlier this ... read more »

  • South Sudan:  Border States Experiencing 'Severe Food Shortage'

    Sudan Tribune, 4 May 2012

    South Sudan on Friday expressed concerns over soaring food prices, pointing out that five states that border Sudan are experiencing "severe" food shortage allegedly due to closure ... read more »

  • South Sudan:  Hard Currency Has Become a Problem to Businessmen - Chairperson

    The Citizen, 15 April 2012

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  • South Sudan:  Traders Worry Over Rising Prices

    The Citizen, 2 May 2012

    The South Sudan Trader's Union yesterday held a meeting to discuss the causes of the high shooting prices of basic goods in the Popular Mobilization Committee Hall at Hai Cinema in ... read more »

  • South Sudan:  'The Government Is Working to Correct Price Inflations', Dr Marial

    Government of South Sudan, 4 May 2012

    The minister for Information and Broadcasting, who is also the official spokesperson of the government of the Republic of South Sudan, Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin has said that the ... read more »

  • South Sudan:  Govt Should Form a Development Corporation

    The Citizen, 29 April 2012

    Since 1983, the people of the South Sudan have been at war with Khartoum apartheid regime. The economic and social structures of our society have been destroyed. Our people have ... read more »