South Africa: Sex Offences Appeal Upheld

The Supreme Court of Appeal chose to uphold an appeal made by the Western Cape director of public prosecutions regarding a flaw in the in the Sexual Offences Act.
  • South Africa:  Sex Offences Appeal Upheld

    South African Press Association, 15 June 2012

    The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) upheld an appeal by the Western Cape director for public prosecutions (DPP) on Friday against a judgment that a man could not be sentenced because ... read more »

A judge and lawyers in court.

  • South Africa:  SCA Ruling Allows Fight Against Sexual Offences to Continue With Renewed Confidence

    Democratic Alliance, 15 June 2012

    The DA welcomes the judgment by the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) this morning in respect of the Sexual Offences and Related Matters Amendment Act (SOA). The DA is also pleased ... read more »

  • South Africa:  Appeal Court Mulls Sex Law Case

    South African Press Association, 13 June 2012

    Any accused should know that the court in which he was asked to plead has a certain scope in terms of sentencing, the Supreme Court of Appeal heard on Wednesday. read more »

  • South Africa:  NPA Can Appeal Sex Act Judgment

    South African Press Association, 24 May 2012

    The NPA in the Western Cape was on Thursday granted leave to appeal a judgment that a man cannot be sentenced because of a flaw in the Sexual Offences Act. read more »

  • South Africa:  Police Must Do Their Part to Protect Children - Mthethwa

    BuaNews, 28 May 2012

    Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa has called on police officers to go beyond the call of duty in order to protect children. read more »

  • South Africa:  Sexual Violence Against Children in the Spotlight

    BuaNews, 28 May 2012

    Minister for Women, Children and People with Disabilities, Lulu Xingwana, says more effort should be put into gathering the views of the country's children when designing policies ... read more »

  • South Africa:  How Govt Should Be Tackling the Growing Child Rape Crisis

    Democratic Alliance, 28 May 2012

    Today marks the beginning of the annual Child Protection Week. The concept, under the leadership of the Department of Social Development, stems from the African proverb "it takes a ... read more »

  • South Africa:  MEC Condemns Sexual Offences Act

    South African Press Association, 17 May 2012

    Sexual offenders may get off scot-free as some offences under the Sexual Offences Act have no penalty, Western Cape MEC Albert Fritz said on Thursday. read more »

  • South Africa:  Sexual Offences Act Flaws a 'Blow' - DA

    South African Press Association, 13 May 2012

    Apparent flaws in the Criminal Procedure Amendment Act on sexual offences were a "devastating blow" to the fight against such crimes, the DA said on Sunday. read more »

  • South Africa:  Child Abusers Must Be Exposed - Zuma

    BuaNews, 27 May 2012

    President Jacob Zuma has called on communities to expose and report all those who abuse children. read more »