Africa: Countries Mark World Environment Day 2012

African countries join the world in celebrating this year's World Environment Day.

Photo: UNEP

World Environment Day 2012

  • Liberia:  Today Is World Environmental Day

    Heritage, 5 June 2012

    President Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf has issued a proclamation declaring today, Tuesday, June 5, 2012, as World Environment Day to be observed throughout the republic as a Working... read more »

  • Rwanda:  Making Country Greener

    The New Times, 5 June 2012

    Rwanda today joins the rest of the world to mark this year's World Environment Day, with a call on it citizenry to desist from pursuing economic gains at the expense of the... read more »

  • Libya:  Planting Trees to Celebrate World Environment Day 2012

    United Nations Children's Fund, 5 June 2012

    To mark World Environment Day, the Libyan Ministry of Education and UNICEF came together with children at a Tripoli elementary school to plant trees. The event raises awareness... read more »

Photo: UN

Students plant trees on World Environment Day.

  • Central African Republic:  Over 20,000 Congolese Call for Their Rainforest to Be Saved

    Greenpeace International, 5 June 2012

    Greenpeace Africa, in collaboration with Réseau Ressources Naturelles and members of forest communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is calling on the government... read more »

  • Central Africa:  22,000 Sign Petition to Save Congo Forest

    Greenpeace International, 5 June 2012

    The Congo basin is home to the world's second largest rainforest. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places on earth, with incredibly rich biodiversity, it's also a vital... read more »

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