Rwanda Celebrates 50 Years of Independence

Rwandans have celebrated 50 years of independence and 18 years of liberation.
  • Rwanda:  500 Grace Independence Jubilee in Addis

    The New Times, 8 July 2012

    Around 500 people, including members of the Diplomatic Corps in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, Friday, attended celebrations to mark Rwanda's 50 years of independence and 18 ... read more »

Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

  • Rwanda:  Rwanda's Colourful 50th Anniversary Celebrations

    The Star, 7 July 2012

    July 1,1962 was a memorable day in Kigali as Rwanda celebrated its independence from Belgium. The tiny East African country had many problems at the time but with new local ... read more »

  • Rwanda:  Rwandans' Unity Should Be the Pillar of Development - Rusizi Mayor

    News of Rwanda, 6 July 2012

    On 1st July 2012, residents of Kirehe together with their leaders gathered to celebrate 50 years of Independence and 18 years of Liberation. read more »

  • Rwanda:  U.S. Independence Day Celebrated in Kigali

    The New Times, 5 July 2012

    US citizens in Rwanda, together with Rwandan government officials and members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Kigali, Tuesday evening, gathered at the US embassy in Kigali to ... read more »

  • Rwanda:  Rwandans in Diaspora Mark Independence, Liberation

    The New Times, 5 July 2012

    As the country marked the 50th Independence and 18th Liberation anniversaries, Rwandans in other parts of the world came together to observe the joint events. read more »

  • Rwanda:  Rwandans in Southern Africa Mark Independence

    The New Times, 3 July 2012

    Over 250 Rwandans living in South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique and Angola gathered at an event organised by the Rwandan High Commission, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of ... read more »

  • Rwanda:  President Kagame's Speech On the 50th Independence Anniversary

    The New Times, 2 July 2012

    Your Excellency Jakaya Kikwete, President of the United Republic of Tanzania; Excellencies Edward Sekandi, Vice President of the Republic of Uganda and Therence Sinunguruza, ... read more »

  • Rwanda:  Why Rwandans Reflected On Their 50 Years of Independence

    The New Times, 2 July 2012

    Just yesterday Rwanda turned 50 years having gained flag independence on July 1, 1962 after a blood bath that witnessed some of the most macabre events prior to sham elections that ... read more »

  • Rwanda:  U.S. Congratulates Rwanda

    The New Times, 2 July 2012

    The United States, yesterday, congratulated Rwanda on its 50th independent anniversary. read more »

  • Rwanda:  Time to Congratulate Ourselves, As Rwandans

    Rwanda Focus, 2 July 2012

    18 years after the country's liberation, it is an indisputable fact that Rwanda is better off as a nation today. read more »

  • Rwanda:  18 Years of RPF - Is Nation Any Safer?

    New Vision, 2 July 2012

    Wednesday marked 50 years of independence for Rwanda. However, as they reflect on an eventful post-independence journey that has been fraught with as many minefields as glowing ... read more »

  • Rwanda:  Independence Failed, Liberation Revived Rwanda

    Rwanda Focus, 2 July 2012

    "If former president Habyarimana were to be resurrected, he would believe downtown Kigali to be Paris, and he would not recognize Nyabugogo suburb or one of the then small towns of ... read more »