Tanzania: Boat Inspections Ordered After Ferry Disaster

Following a ferry accident that killed at least 100 people, the Zanzibar government has cracked down on sea transport and instructed maritime authorities to inspect all vessels for seaworthiness.

  • Tanzania:   All Vessels to Undergo Inspection

    Daily News, 26 July 2012

    ZANZIBAR government has directed its Maritime Authority (ZMA) to work with Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA) to inspect all vessels in Zanzibar so that… Read more »


  • Tanzania:   Ferry Death Toll Reaches 94

    Daily News, 25 July 2012

    THE death toll in last week's MV Skagit boat accident in Zanzibar reached 94, after 16 more bodies were recovered in different parts of Unguja Island and Bagamoyo in Coast Region. Read more »

  • Tanzania:   Zanzibar Minister Resigns Over Boat Tragedy

    Daily News, 24 July 2012

    ZANZIBAR President Ali Mohamed Shein accepted the resignation of the minister responsible for marine transportation, Mr Hamad Masoud Hamad, over the last Wednesday's ferry boat… Read more »

A number of politicians have questioned Zanzibar's maritime regulations in the wake of a ferry accident which left 73 dead.

  • Tanzania:   Zanzibar Ferry Toll Rises

    Daily News, 23 July 2012

    FIVE more bodies from the last week's boat accident were retrieved on Sunday, making the death toll reach 73 as people gathered in Zanzibar for special prayers. Read more »

  • Tanzania:   Zanzibar Ship Registration Process Faulty

    Daily News, 23 July 2012

    REGISTRATION of marine vessels in Zanzibar has been faulted as lax and thus creating a loophole for licensing of unseaworthy watercrafts. Read more »

  • Tanzania:   Hotel Divers Join Rescue Team

    Daily News, 20 July 2012

    THE Unguja North Tourists Hotels, which have rescue diving teams have joined the rescue operations at Chumbe islet since on Friday. Read more »


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