Seeking Answers to Ending Poverty in South Africa

Mantsadi Sepheka wraps up AllAfrica's reporting on a major conference in Cape Town aimed at finding strategies to end poverty and inequality.


Below her report, find her daily audio bulletins and the reporting of Melissa Britz and Sue Valentine.


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AUDIO: Addressing Historical Injustices in an Unequal Society


  • Towards Carnegie III Roundup

    Publication Date:
    11 September 2012

    AllAfrica's Mantsadi Sepheka reports on the "Towards Carnegie III" conference in Cape Town, which aimed to explore strategies to overcome poverty and ... see more »

  • South Africa:   Universities, Civil Society Join Major Bid to End Poverty

    allAfrica, 3 September 2012

    Poverty and inequality are named routinely among the key challenges facing South Africa today. This week a conference begins in Cape Town to consider not only the experiences and… Read more »

  • South Africa:   Journalists Fail to Report On Poverty

    allAfrica, 10 September 2012

    The lack of investment in journalism is one of the key challenges hindering the ability of South African media to report on poverty and inequality. This became clear at a… Read more »

  • South Africa:   Joining Hands for Development

    allAfrica, 8 September 2012

    South Africa may have the best data in Africa on its education system and school performance, but this doesn't translate into positive action, says educationalist Jonathan Jansen. Read more »




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