Tanzanian Press Protests Journalist's Murder

The killing of Tanzanian Channel Ten reporter Daudi Mwangosi has remained in the spotlight with members of the press holding a peaceful rally to condemn his death and to protest brutality against journalists.
  • Tanzania:  Press Protests Journalist's Killing

    Tanzania Daily News, 11 September 2012

    HUNDREDS of journalists staged a peaceful demonstration in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday to condemn beating up and killing of television journalist Daudi Mwangosi while covering clashes... read more »

Some journalists from various media houses who took part in a peaceful demonstration to condemn the killing of their colleague, TV journalist Daudi Mwangosi, wave banners at the Jangwani Grounds in Dar es Salaam.

  • Tanzania:  Tanzanian Journalist Killed in Political Rally

    International Freedom of Expression Exchange Clearing House, 5 September 2012

    A Tanzanian journalist was killed while reporting on a political rally on 2 September 2012. Daudi Mwangosi was a correspondent for the television station Channel Ten and the... read more »