Kenya Separatist Group Retaliation: Chief Killed

Mombasa Republican Council supporters are alleged to have killed an assistant chief in response to the arrest of the separatist group's leader Omar Mwamnuadzi.
  • Kenya:  Chief Killed in MRC Operation

    The Star, 15 October 2012

    A gang suspected to be linked to the Mombasa Republican Council attacked and killed Kombani Assistant Chief Salim Changu this morning. read more »


Mombasa Republican Council Chairman Omar Mwamnwadzi at his home in Ngombeni.



  • Kenya:  MRC Members Arrested in Mombasa

    The Star, 8 October 2012

    Police in Mombasa this morning conducted raids on homes belonging to individuals suspected of being members of the Mombasa Republican Councils. read more »

Photo: Capital FM

This photo shows graffiti written by MRC adherents in Mombasa. The group's clarion call is "Pwani si Kenya" meaning Coast is not Kenya (file photo).