Tourism Takes Center Stage in Tanzania

Tourism has taken the spotlight in with the Tanzania Tourist Board announcing plans to produce an international travel show in India with the aim of marketing the country. Arusha is also due to host the first conference on sustainable tourism.

  • Tanzania:   Renowned Chef to Support Tourism

    Daily News, 9 October 2012

    TANZANIA Tourist Board (TTB) plans to produce and film an international travel and food show titled Out of the World to be aired in an Indian television channel popularly known as… Read more »

Tanzania's Ngorongoro crater, the country boasts of many tourist attractions.

  • Tanzania:   Arusha to Host First Pan-African Tourism Meet

    Daily News, 8 October 2012

    ARUSHA is set to host the first Pan-African Conference on Sustainable Tourism Management in National Parks and Protected Areas which will bring delegates from 50 different… Read more »

  • Tanzania:   Tourists Set to Increase With New Turkish Airlines Flight

    Daily News, 4 October 2012

    TURKISH Airlines is set to begin scheduled services to Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) from December 4 this year following an aggressive marketing strategy for the airport… Read more »

  • Tanzania:   TTB Urges Tourism Promotion

    Daily News, 28 September 2012

    THE Chairman of Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB), Ambassador Charles Sanga, has called upon Mwanza regional authorities to intensify efforts in promoting tourism in the region. Read more »