Uganda Govt Under International Pressure Over Alleged Fraud

Denmark has joined a growing list of Western countries suspending aid to Uganda after allegations of massive corruption in the prime minister's office was revealed. The United Kingdom and Ireland have already suspended development aid to the East African country.
  • Uganda:  OPM Fraud - More Donors Cut Aid

    New Vision, 2 November 2012

    Denmark has joined the UK and Ireland in suspending development aid to Uganda following the Auditor General's findings of alleged theft of money in the Office of the Prime ... read more »


  • Uganda:  PM Denies Depositing Aid Money On Private Account

    New Vision, 2 November 2012

    Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has denied reports that he deposited donor money on his private bank account and threatened to drag the UK's Daily Mail newspaper to courts of law for ... read more »

  • Uganda:  ICT Ministry Officials Fail to Account for Sh3.5 Billion

    New Vision, 2 November 2012

    Ministry of Information Communication Technology (ICT) officials have failed to account for sh3.5bn, MPs have learnt. read more »

  • Uganda:  Denmark Suspends Aid to Office of The Prime Minister

    The Independent, 1 November 2012

    The Ambassador of Denmark H.E. Dan E. Frederiksen has today announced Denmark's decision to cutting all funds going to the office of the Prime Minister (OPM). read more »

  • Uganda:  Irish to Probe Aid After Uganda Scam

    The Observer, 30 October 2012

    The Irish government is to launch a probe into overseas aid to Uganda and other countries under the Third World aid budget, following massive fraud in the Office of the Prime ... read more »

  • Uganda:  Police Release Names of 945 Ghost Pensioners

    The Observer, 30 October 2012

    Police have released a list of 945 names and photographs of 'ghost' pensioners on whose bank accounts Shs 63bn was fraudulently deposited and later withdrawn. read more »