Sudan's Deadly Fever Hits 'Epidemic Level'

The number of people infected and dying from yellow fever continues to rise as the disease spreads rapidly through the Darfur region.
  • Sudan:  Deadly Fever Reaches Epidemic Level?

    Radio Dabanga, 9 November 2012

    The spread of yellow fever in Darfur reached an 'epidemic level' that requires immediate intervention from the central government, according to an announcement made by Member of ... read more »

Getting a check-up (file photo): Yellow fever is caused by a virus carried by mosquitoes and it is a common disease in South America and in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Sudan:  211 People Affected by Yellow Fever Outbreak in Darfur

    Sudan Tribune, 8 November 2012

    The outbreak of Yellow fever in Sudan's western region of Darfur has so far affected 221 people killing 78 of them, the country's minister of health reported on Thursday as efforts ... read more »

  • Sudan:  Yellow Fever Outbreak in Sudan's Darfur Region Kills 67

    UN News Service, 7 November 2012

    A yellow fever outbreak in Sudan's Darfur region has killed 67 people so far, the United Nations health agency said today, adding that the number of cases has more than doubled ... read more »

  • Sudan:  Death Toll of Darfur's Yellow Fever Outbreak Reaches 67

    Sudan Tribune, 6 November 2012

    An outbreak of Yellow fever in Sudan's western region of Darfur has killed 67 people so far, according to a new report by the World Health Organization (WHO) and local authorities. read more »

  • Sudan:  18 Dead, 40 Infected in Sudan Yellow Fever Outbreak

    The New Times, 6 November 2012

    Eighteen people have died and 40 others infected by yellow fever which has recently spread in Darfur region, Health Minister of Sudan's West Darfur State said Sunday. read more »