Is Big Brother Show a Springboard for the 'Unknowns'?

The reality show has become an important stepping stone to showbiz for participants with some contestants venturing into acting and different business ventures.

  • Zimbabwe:   BBA a Springboard for the 'Unknowns'

    Zimbabwe Standard, 11 November 2012

    Although the rest of Big Brother Africa (BBA) contestants, besides winners, walk away empty-handed, the reality show has become an important stepping stone to showbiz for… Read more »


  • Namibia:   Big Brothers Open Doors

    New Era, 10 August 2012

    So, the one and only show that had most people glued to their seats has finally ended and now it's back to normality and no more 24/7 channels dedicated to watching a group of… Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   What Values Is BBA Promoting Really?

    Zimbabwe Standard, 24 June 2012

    There is a lot wrong about the politics of Zimbabwe but there is a lot more wrong with the way some of our children are raised and socialised. Read more »

  • Nigeria:   After the Glamour, Glitz - a Reality Check on Ex-Reality Shows' Stars

    Leadership, 27 October 2012

    Reality shows in Nigeria come in different forms and serve as a platform for participants to showcase their talents in a variety of ways while the sponsors use the medium to… Read more »

  • Nigeria:   Karen Ogho Takes a Chance at Acting

    Vanguard, 29 September 2012

    Big Brother Africa co-winner, Karen Igho's love for the tube has never been a hidden affair, she surprised many when she first hit limelight in the Sola Fajobi produced reality… Read more »