Aid Cuts Threaten Public Services in Uganda

Donors have withheld approximately U.S.$260 million in aid following allegations of corruption in the prime minister's office. The cuts could impact public service delivery as early as next year.

  • Uganda:   Aid Cuts Threaten Vital Public Services

    UNIRIN, 17 December 2012

    Hundreds of millions of dollars in donor aid have been withheld from Uganda in recent months, threatening post-war rehabilitation in the northern region and key public investments… Read more »


Photo: New Vision

Uganda's ninth parliament: Finance Minister on donor cut and the budget.

  • Uganda:   World Bank to Assess Aid to Uganda

    Independent (Kampala), 15 November 2012

    With the continued amount of pressure from donors over the theft of over Shs20 billion from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) World Bank is considering slashing aid to the… Read more »

  • Uganda:   Religious Leaders Plead for Aid

    New Vision, 14 November 2012

    Religious leaders have asked donor countries not to withdraw aid from programmes affected by the recent corruption allegations in office of Prime's Minister (OPM) . Read more »

  • Uganda:   Fraud Was Outright Theft, Minister Says

    New Vision, 14 November 2012

    Finance ministry permanent Chris Kassami has described the fraud in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) where billions of shillings were lost as outright theft. Read more »


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