Demolishing Homes, Destroying Lives in South Africa

Families who have lost their homes in Lenasia hope public pressure will lead to compensation and alternative accommodation after a court order allowed the government to demolish structures built on land sold fraudulently.

A destroyed house (file photo): The site of families fighting for their homes has touched a chord for many South Africans.

  • South Africa:  Human Rights Commission On Lenasia

    South African Human Rights Commission, 20 November 2012

    The South African Human Rights Commission expressed its regret and disappointment at the manner in which the Department of Housing and Local Government in Gauteng has conducted ... read more »

  • South Africa:  Lenasia's Demolition Men Return

    Daily Maverick, 20 November 2012

    Another 35 houses were razed in Lenasia on Monday as the Gauteng Department of Local Government and Housing continued its action against properties built on land that was sold ... read more »

  • South Africa:  Demolishing Homes, Dismantling Dreams, Destroying Lives

    The South African Civil Society Information Service, 14 November 2012

    It was with sheer terror that we witnessed the grotesque spectacle of the bulldozing of fully built brick and mortar houses in Lenasia by government officials last week. Images of ... read more »

  • South Africa:  Gauteng Government Continues With Demolition of Illegally Built Structures in Lenasia

    South African Government, 19 November 2012

    The Gauteng Department of Local Government and Housing will go ahead with the demolition of illegally built structures which continue to be erected despite repeated warnings and ... read more »

  • South Africa:  Housing Dept 'Dismayed' By Continued Illegal Sale of Land, 19 November 2012

    The Gauteng Local Government and Housing Department has expressed deep concern at the continued illegal selling and purchasing of land from syndicates operating in Lenasia. read more »

  • South Africa:  Court Temporarily Stops Demolition of Houses

    Daily Maverick, 13 November 2012

    On Monday, Lenasia residents welcomed the 24-hour interdict preventing the Gauteng Department of Local Government and Housing from demolishing another 62 homes. Families who have ... read more »

  • South Africa:  Lenasia Demolitions - Putting the Record Straight

    South African Government, 14 November 2012

    The Department of Local Government and Housing wishes to put it on record that all the properties which were demolished during the first phase of the operation last week were all ... read more »

  • South Africa:  Gauteng Closes Net On Lenasia Land Sale Syndicates, 14 November 2012

    The chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Local Government and Housing in Gauteng, Errol Magerman, says law enforcement agencies must leave no stone unturned in efforts to ... read more »

  • South Africa:  Govt Appeals for Co-Operation in Lenasia Housing Case, 13 November 2012

    The Gauteng Department of Local Government and Housing has appealed for co-operation in its efforts to resolve the matter of the illegal sale of land in Lenasia South. read more »

  • South Africa:  Human Settlements Committee Calls for an End to Demolition of Homes

    South African Government, 13 November 2012

    The Chairperson (Ms Nomhle Dambuza) of the Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements intends appealing to the Gauteng government to immediately stop further demolition of houses ... read more »

  • South Africa:  The Gauteng Provincial Government's Statement On the Demolition of Illegally-Built Houses in Lenasia South

    South African Government, 12 November 2012

    The Gauteng Department of Local Government and Housing appointed George Fivaz to investigate irregularities in the provision of houses in the province. Fivaz tabled his report to ... read more »

  • South Africa:  Gauteng Housing Department Shows No Sympathy to Lenasia Residents

    Inkatha Freedom Party, 12 November 2012

    The IFP is appalled by the Gauteng Housing Department's actions in demolishing the homes of Lenasia residents who bought the land for up to R95000 from fraudsters using official ... read more »