What Does the Fall of Goma Mean for Central Africa?

AllAfrica's publishing partners contribute a unique array of opinion and analysis on the fallout which may result from the takeover of the eastern Congolese city of Goma by rebels of the M23 grouping.

  • Congo-Kinshasa:   Eastern DRC - A Return to War?

    Chatham House, 22 November 2012

    The M23 have taken the Democratic Republic of Congo's eastern city Goma. Yet again, a Rwandan-backed rebel movement has reignited fears of renewed war. It is a depressingly… Read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:   A Tale of War, Rebellion and Dreadful Peace Agreements

    African Arguments, 21 November 2012

    On Thursday November 15th 'M23' - the rebellion movement which was created earlier this year - launched a major attack on the city of Goma which, after a quieter day on Friday,… Read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:   Goma - Avoiding a New Regional War

    ICG, 20 November 2012

    The east Congolese city of Goma and its key airport have reportedly fallen after heavy fighting to the M23 rebel group. Regional and international actors must now prevent this… Read more »

  • Uganda:   Understanding Museveni's Chess Game

    ThinkAfricaPress, 22 November 2012

    With events in the eastern DRC rapidly unfolding, what will Museveni do next and why? Read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:   The Tragedy of Goma

    Fahamu, 22 November 2012

    It is a big shame that UN peacekeepers could not protect the Congolese in Goma from the onslaught of Rwandan-backed rebels M23. Washington and London, Kagame's allies, have made… Read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:   The Fall of Goma

    African Arguments, 21 November 2012

    When the provincial capital of Goma in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo fell to rebel forces yesterday, the rapidity of the rebel advance was shocking, but the fait… Read more »

  • Africa:   The New Obama Doctrine - From Gaza to Goma

    Fahamu, 22 November 2012

    Obama's second term opens with the worst kind of display of US power - backing two clients, Rwanda and Israel, who are hell-bent on creating mayhem against their neighbours. UN… Read more »

Rebels seize the city of Goma on the eastern border of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Congo-Kinshasa:   NGOs Call for African Union-UN Mediator

    OSISA, 22 November 2012

    The conflict in eastern Congo between the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Rwandan-backed M23 rebel group is crippling the Great Lakes Region, and is… Read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:   Fall of Goma Hits International Business

    This is Africa, 21 November 2012

    The capture of Goma leaves the rebels in a far stronger position, and presents serious difficulties for international businesses. Read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:   ICC Prosecutor 'Examining' Alleged M23 Crimes

    Hirondelle, 22 November 2012

    The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said Wednesday that her office is examining alleged crimes committed by M23 rebels in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo,… Read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:   Paths to Peace in the Kivus

    UNIRIN, 21 November 2012

    Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) President Joseph Kabila and his Rwandan and Ugandan counterparts, Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni, held crisis talks in Uganda a day after rebels… Read more »


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