Women in Uganda's Cities at Highest HIV Risk

The HIV prevalence rate among women is highest in urban areas, according to the 2011 Uganda Aids survey indicator.

  • Uganda:   HIV Prevalence Rate Highest in Urban Women

    New Vision, 27 November 2012

    The HIV/AIDS prevalence rate is highest in women, with women in urban areas generally more likely to contract the virus compared to those in rural areas. This is according to the ... read more »

Florence Nansubuga, 43, and Nakku Florence, 45, have been living with HIV for 17 years.

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  • Uganda:   Batooro Lead in HIV Prevalence

    New Vision, 26 November 2012

    Of all the ethnic groups in Uganda, the Batooro have the highest HIV prevalence rate. According to the latest Uganda AIDS indicator survey, 13% of the Batooro sampled had HIV, ... read more »

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    New Vision, 24 November 2012

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    New Vision, 23 November 2012

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    New Vision, 21 November 2012

    ON the muddy veranda of her house, Nalongo peels Irish potatoes. She looks at the small balls with a pensive face, seemingly wondering where things might have gone wrong. No, ... read more »