Rwanda Considers Suing France Over Fugitives

Rwanda may drag France to court over what it called the European country's reluctance to help prosecute top genocide fugitives.

Burial for genocide victims (file photo).

  • Rwanda:  France Must Bring to Justice Genocide Fugitives On Her Soil

    The New Times, 28 December 2012

    THE Prosecutor General announced that Rwanda is considering legal action against France for its inaction when dealing with Genocide fugitives living in the backyards of the ... read more »

  • Rwanda:  The Endless Circus of Genocide Fugitives and France

    The New Times, 23 December 2012

    When it comes to the issue of Genocide fugitives, France remains a country that will always be at the centre of the debate in the foreseeable future. This week the Prosecutor ... read more »

  • Rwanda:  France Criticized Over Failure to Extradite Genocide Fugitives

    The New Times, 22 December 2012

    THE Prosecutor General Martin Ngoga on Wednesday criticised the decision by the French Appeals Court rejecting the extradition of Hyacinthe Rafiki Nsengiyumva, a former Rwandan ... read more »

  • Rwanda:  Govt Calls for Enhanced Cooperation On Genocide Fugitives

    The New Times, 20 December 2012

    Justice minister Tharcisse Karugarama has urged lawyers from the French-speaking countries union to help bring to book Genocide suspects. read more »

  • Rwanda:  France - a Haven for Genocide Fugitives?

    The New Times, 17 December 2012

    France, which maintained close ties with the genocidal regime in Rwanda, has been accused of blocking justice with regard to the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. read more »