Ceasefire Agreed in Central African Republic

Agreements have been reached in Libreville to end a rebellion in the Central African Republic, the United Nations has heard.

  • Central African Republic:   Temporary Ceasefire Agreed

    New Times, 12 January 2013

    The different parties in the Central African Republic's crisis who have been meeting in Libreville for peace talks since Wednesday, will sign a ceasefire agreement in the next one… Read more »

  • Central African Republic:   Talks Reach Deal to End Rebellion

    UN News, 11 January 2013

    In the wake of agreements reached today to end a rebellion in the Central African Republic (CAR), the United Nations envoy for the country today said that the international… Read more »


  • Central African Republic:   Rebels Demand Resignation of Bozize

    RFI, 6 January 2013

    Rebels in the Central African Republic have repeated their demands that any peace deal must include President François Bozizé stepping down. Read more »

  • Central African Republic:   President Vows to Stay Put

    New Times, 5 January 2013

    President Francois Bozize of the Central African Republic (CAR) has reaffirmed that he would reject the rebel's demand to step down as related parties are working to decide on a… Read more »

  • Central African Republic:   Alarm Over Child Soldiers

    UN News, 4 January 2013

    The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) today called on the Central African Republic (CAR) to immediately stop child recruitment by rebel groups and pro-government militias… Read more »

  • Central African Republic:   Rebel Advance Worsens Humanitarian Crisis

    UNIRIN, 4 January 2013

    A rebel takeover of several key towns in the Central African Republic (CAR) has placed additional strain on humanitarian conditions that were already precarious due to years of… Read more »

  • Central African Republic:   Bozize Fires Minister, Army Chief

    Independent (Kampala), 3 January 2013

    Central African Republic President Francois Bozize has fired his son as defense minister and fired the army chief of staff, after a string of victories by rebel forces. Read more »

  • Central African Republic:   Tension Engulfs CAR After Arbitrary Arrests

    New Times, 3 January 2013

    AT least 50 people, including two former members of the Central African Republic (CAR) Parliament, have been arrested and arbitrarily detained in Bangui where a tensed climate… Read more »

  • Central African Republic:   The Church Calls for Dialogue to Resolve Crisis

    CISA, 3 January 2013

    Citizens of Bangui, the capital city of the Central African Republic, have expressed concern over the Seleka rebel group advancing towards them. Read more »

  • Central African Republic:   UN Agency Calls for End to Child Soldiers

    Unicef, 4 January 2013

    UNICEF said today that it had received credible reports that rebel groups and pro-government militias are increasingly recruiting and involving children in armed conflict in the… Read more »

  • Central African Republic:   UN Anxious Over Civilians' Safety

    UN News, 3 January 2013

    The United Nations humanitarian office has voiced serious concerns about the protection of civilians amid reports of widespread looting and violence in the Central African Republic… Read more »

  • Central African Republic:   UN Calls for Govt, Rebels to Talk

    UN News, 2 January 2013

    The United Nations continues to follow the situation in the Central Africa Republic (CAR) with serious concern and calls on both the Government and the rebels to resolve the… Read more »

  • South Africa:   Zuma Concerned About CAR

    SAPA, 2 January 2013

    President Jacob Zuma has sent a minister to asses the situation in the Central African Republic (CAR), the international relations and co-operation department said on Wednesday. Read more »

  • Angola:   State Secretary Rules Out Sending Troops to CAR

    ANGOP, 3 January 2013

    The Secretry of State for Foreign Affairs Manuel Augusto Thursday in Luanda ruled out the possibility of Angola to send troops to Central African Republic (RCA) as part of a… Read more »

  • Central African Republic:   France Deploys Additional Troops to Central African Republic

    ANGOP, 31 December 2012

    As rebels advance in Central African Republic, France has deployed an additional 180 troops to protect its interests. Read more »


Photo: IRIN

Rebels in the CAR.

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