Explorer to Attempt the Coldest Trip On Earth

In a bid to raise funds for blindness and research the effects of climate change, a veteran explorer and a five-member team are attempting to cross Antarctica, the coldest continent in winter.

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    The Coldest Journey, 9 January 2013

    I feel greatly relieved now that the expedition has set out for Antarctica. Since Mike Stroud suggested the idea to me five years ago, I have been working on it full-time and, like… Read more »

Ranulph Fiennes with Michael Kobold.

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    The Coldest Journey, 10 January 2013

    We are finally underway and heading for The Ice. What a huge relief that we are actually onboard as at times this summer, it never looked as if we were going to make it! Read more »

  • South Africa:   Veteran Explorer to Attempt the Coldest Journey On Earth

    The Coldest Journey, 8 January 2013

    Veteran polar explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, will take on one of the last remaining polar challenges by attempting to cross Antarctica in winter – the coldest journey on… Read more »

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    The Coldest Journey, 8 January 2013

    The Coldest Journey team today confirmed that Sir Ranulph and his team of intrepid explorers will be joined by a seventh member. Known affectionately as Mary Mouse, the 15cm tall… Read more »

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    The Coldest Journey, 7 January 2013

    We sailed this morning at 08.00am Read more »

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