French Soldiers Cheered in Mali's Timbuktu

Residents of Timbuktu greeted French-led troops with delight as they entered the ancient city following the retreat of Islamists who had controlled the entire north of the country.

French troops head for Mali

  • Africa:   After Mali, Now What?

    Daily Trust, 30 January 2013

    French and Malian troops have virtually reclaimed Northern Mali with the fall of Timbuktu by last weekend. As the liberated Malian locals chanted the age old French Slogan 'vive la… Read more »

  • Mali:   Fleeing Islamists Torch Timbuktu Manuscripts

    Magharebia, 28 January 2013

    Malian and French troops on Monday (January 28th) surrounded Timbuktu after seizing the city's airport from Islamist insurgents and their al-Qaeda allies, AFP reported. Read more »

  • Mali:   Timbuktu's Priceless Manuscripts Torched

    RFI, 28 January 2013

    Islamists torched a building where priceless ancient manuscripts were stored, as they fled Mali's famous desert city of Timbuktu, which French-led troops were surrounding on… Read more »

  • Mali:   Relief As Mali Towns Recaptured

    UNIRIN, 28 January 2013

    Residents of Gao and Timbuktu in northern Mali expressed relief after French and Malian forces re-took the towns from Islamist militia, but said they faced an enormous task in… Read more »

  • Mali:   Troops Take Timbuktu Airport

    Tunis Afrique Presse, 28 January 2013

    French-led troops in Mali have taken control of the airport in the key northern city of Timbuktu, French military officials say. Read more »

  • Mali:   French Forces Approach Timbuktu

    Magharebia, 27 January 2013

    French-led troops were advancing on Timbuktu on Sunday (January 27th) after capturing a string of other towns in their offensive against Islamist militant groups in the north of… Read more »

  • Mali:   From Here to Timbuktu - French-Led Forces Advance in Northern Mali

    RFI, 27 January 2013

    The French Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, says French and Malian troops are advancing north towards Timbuktu as the operation against Islamist militants enters its 17th day. Read more »

  • Mali:   Troops Head for Gao and Timbuktu

    RFI, 25 January 2013

    French and Malian troops were advancing on Gao on Friday and had taken the nearby town of Hombori. More than 9,000 refugees have fled northern Mali since the French joined the… Read more »

  • Mali:   Mali Looks to Reclaim Gao, Timbuktu

    Magharebia, 23 January 2013

    Gao and Timbuktu could be free of Islamist and terrorist control within a month, AFP quoted the head of the Malian army as saying on Tuesday (January 22nd). Read more »