Mali Needs Military and Political Approach

The United Nations has stressed that a combination of military and political efforts are vital from partners if Mali is to emerge from its ongoing crisis.

Northern Mali has long been a trafficking hub

  • Mali:   French, Malian Troops Clash With Militants Around Gao

    RFI, 6 February 2013

    French and Malian troops suffered casualties in clashes with Islamist fighters near northern Mali's main town, Gao, Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Wednesday. He vowed… Read more »

  • Nigeria:   Mali, Not Afghanistan

    Premium Times, 6 February 2013

    Since the campaign by the French Army to free Northern Mali from the iron grip of the Islamic fundamentalists began a few weeks ago, the Nigerian government has been labouring… Read more »

  • Liberia:   AFL Leaves for Troubled Mali Soon

    NEWS, 5 February 2013

    The Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) is expected to join other West African nations serving on peace mission in troubled Mali in about 45 days. Read more »

  • Namibia:   Namibia Pledges Solidarity With Mali

    New Era, 6 February 2013

    Namibia has pledged undisclosed monetary support towards the funding of the International Support Mission to Mali (AFISMA) to provide support to Malian troops fighting to repel… Read more »

  • Nigeria:   Nation Falters in Troops Deployment to Mali

    Premium Times, 6 February 2013

    While French, Chad and other forces chase terrorists out of Mali, Nigeria is yet to send 20 per cent of its pledge. Read more »

  • West Africa:   French Arrest 'Jihadists'

    RFI, 5 February 2013

    Three French-Congolese and a Malian were arrested on Tuesday in the Paris region as part of an investigation into a network set up to send jihadists to fight in west Africa, police… Read more »

  • Nigeria:   Boko Haram Training Camps Found in Mali

    Daily Trust, 6 February 2013

    Hundreds of Boko Haram members stayed at training camps with Malian militants for months in Timbuktu, learning to fix Kalashnikovs and launch shoulder-fired weapons, a report has… Read more »

  • Nigeria:   Jonathan to Meet With British, French Leaders

    Daily Trust, 6 February 2013

    President Goodluck Jonathan last night left Abuja for a three nation visit that will take him to Britain and France after a stopover in Cairo, Egypt. Read more »

  • Mali:   1,800 Chadian Troops Arrive in Northwestern Mali

    RFI, 5 February 2013

    France's Ministry of Defence said that 1,800 Chadian troops had entered the desert town of Kidal in northeastern Mali on Tuesday, to secure the town which is the last islamist… Read more »

  • Algeria:   Nation Sends Troops to Mali Border

    Magharebia, 5 February 2013

    The Algerian army beefed up its positions on the border with war-torn Mali, a Tamanrasset parliamentarian said on Monday (February 4th). Read more »

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