Viruses Threaten Smallholder Farming

As the major growers of food on the continent, smallholder farmers need to be equipped with the knowledge and tools to deal with the increased occurrences of plant diseases, an expert says.


  • Tanzania: Banana Tissue Cultures Touted for Farmers

    EA Business, 11 February 2013

    Tanzania has been urged to transfer Banana tissue culture technology to small-scale farmers, if they want to overcome the challenges that deteriorate the agriculture industry as ... read more »

  • Tanzania: Arusha to Host Plant Viral Disease Meet

    EA Business, 25 December 2012

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  • Kenya: Disease Threat to Vital Maize Crop

    UNIRIN, 31 May 2012

    Maize lethal necrosis (MLN), a disease which has affected at least 300,000 maize farmers mainly in Kenya's Rift Valley Province, could adversely affect harvests of the staple ... read more »

  • Kenya: Maize Disease Hits Meru, Food Shortage Fears

    The Star, 13 June 2012

    Maize farmers in Meru county have been urged to practice crop rotation after the outbreak of Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease. While addressing farmers in Imenti South the district ... read more »

  • Kenya: Strange Disease Hits Maize in South Rift

    The Star, 3 June 2012

    RESEARCHERS and scientists have identified the strange disease which has destroyed thousands of acres of maize crops in South Rift as maize lethal necrotic. read more »

  • Kenya: Farmers Affected by Maize Disease Won't Be Paid

    The Star, 5 July 2012

    MAIZE farmers whose crop was destroyed by the Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease will not be compensated. Ministry of Agriculture PS Romano Kiome ruled out any form of compensation on ... read more »