Women's Empowerment Key to Development

While African women have made remarkable progress in emancipation and empowerment, significant challenges remain, writes African Arguments.

Photo: Ky Chung

Women celebrating International Women's Day in Cote d'Ivoire (file photo).

  • Africa:  African Women Holding Enviable Leadership Positions

    Fahamu, 7 March 2013

    In honor of International Women's Day the achievements of some remarkable African women in politics, business and literature are celebrated in defiance of the stereotypical ... read more »

  • Rwanda:  To Achieve Gender Equality, Rural Mindset Needs to Be Changed

    Rwanda Focus, 10 March 2013

    At the occasion of the International Women's Day, celebrated every year on March 8, Rwanda has reason to be satisfied with the progress made so far when it comes to women's ... read more »

  • Africa:  Deeper Issues in Violence Against Women

    Fahamu, 7 March 2013

    Victim protection is a critical response measure, but women need to address systemic issues. They need to challenge systems that undermine their ability to participate in decision ... read more »

  • Africa:  Women Leaders - Power and Progress in the 21st Century

    African Arguments, 8 March 2013

    Today is International Women's Day and the beginning of a month-long emphasis on the lives of women and the challenges and opportunities they face in the 21st century. At the RAS, ... read more »

  • Africa:  Women's Rights - No More Trade-Offs or Compromises

    ThinkAfricaPress, 6 March 2013

    Let's start with some of the things you may take for granted. Freedom to walk on the streets, freedom to marry who you want to, protect your body and be safe. read more »

  • South Africa:  Towards a Political Economy of Rape

    The South African Civil Society Information Service, 7 March 2013

    Many South Africans have decried the recent, terrible cases of rape. South Africa's pervasive culture of hyper-masculinity has been blamed for the problem, as has the patriarchal ... read more »

  • Africa:  Engaging Men and Boys to End Men's Violence Against Women and Promote Gender Equality

    Institute of Development Studies, 7 March 2013

    Despite encouraging policy and programme level gains addressing violence against women, in Kenya, India and Uganda women and girls continue to face numerous disadvantages and ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  When Work Becomes a Sexual Battleground

    Vanguard, 8 March 2013

    To mark International Women's Day on March 8th, which focuses on 'violence against women', the ILO is highlighting the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace - an often subtle ... read more »

  • Africa:  Innovation Improves Gender Programs, Spurs Growth, World Bank Says

    World Bank, 8 March 2013

    Despite the steady economic growth in many African countries over the last few years, gains have not always translated into greater gender equality or poverty reduction, the World ... read more »

  • Africa:  Incorporating Women's Perspective Into Forest Management

    AlertNet, 8 March 2013

    While the world is coming to appreciate the unique perspective women have on forest management, researchers, conservationists and policy makers are still struggling to find ways to ... read more »

  • Africa:  Women Explain Why an Arms Trade Treaty Can Save Many Lives

    Amnesty International, 7 March 2013

    It is estimated at least half a million people are killed with guns every year and on average a further 200,000 men, women and children die as an indirect result of armed conflicts ... read more »

  • Mali:  Women's Rights Must Be At the Core of the Transition

    International Federation for Human Rights, 6 March 2013

    On the eve of International Women's Day, FIDH joins human rights and women's rights organisations in Mali and the Coalition of the Campaign "Africa for Women's Rights: Ratify and ... read more »

  • Uganda:  Women Emancipation Still Limited

    New Vision, 7 March 2013

    As the country prepares to mark the International Women's Day tomorrow [Friday], Ugandans have been called to be mindful of the struggles affecting women, especially the rural ... read more »

  • Africa:  International Women's Day 2013 Message

    Commonwealth News and Information Service, 7 March 2013

    'The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum in the Commonwealth' read more »

  • Tunisia:  Ugtt Calls for Enshrining Women's Rights in Constitution

    Tunis Afrique Presse, 6 March 2013

    The Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) called for enshrining women's rights in the constitution and activating the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination ... read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  'Enough Is Enough'. . . Women Unite Against Gender Violence

    The Herald, 7 March 2013

    "WE have had enough. We want a concrete solution." The clear and strong messages by Zimbabwean women who are denouncing all forms of violence against women as nations around the ... read more »

  • Sierra Leone:  UN Team Visits Sierra Leone to Support Women's Empowerment

    UN News Service, 6 March 2013

    Ahead of International Women's Day, a team of United Nations agency representatives arrived in Sierra Leone today to support gender equality and to gain international attention for ... read more »

  • Nigeria:  Allow Women Greater Participation in the Economy, Govts Urged

    This Day, 7 March 2013

    Governments across Africa and other stakeholders have been urged to allow women participate more in their economies. read more »

  • Rwanda:  Tracking Women's Progress in Rwanda

    The New Times, 6 March 2013

    Tomorrow is International Women's day. several activities will be carried out at different levels nationally and the women's month will be launched as well. The first week will be ... read more »

  • South Sudan:  South Sudan's Second Lady Urges Women to Push for Affirmative Action

    Sudan Tribune, 6 March 2013

    South Sudan's second lady has urged women in the new country to push for more representation in government to increase their participation in decision-making processes. read more »

  • Egypt:  Empowering Women Challenges Poverty - CEO of Thomson Reuters Foundation

    Aswat Masriya, 5 March 2013

    The Chief Executive Officer of Thomson Reuters Foundation, Monique Villa, said on Monday that helping women know and defend their rights tackles the very root of poverty. read more »