Mali's Election Goes to Second Round

With no candidate obtaining over 50 percent of the votes necessary for an outright victory, the government has announced that the presidential election will go to a second round on August 11.
  • Mali:  Election Goes to Second Round

    Radio France Internationale, 2 August 2013

    Mali's presidential election will go to a second round on 11 August 11, the government said Friday. Former prime minister Ibrahim Boubacar Keita was in the lead with 39.2 per cent... read more »


  • Mali Election Results Delayed

    Voice of America
    Publication Date:
    1 August 2013

    Mali's government is expected to announce full provisional results Thursday from Sunday's presidential poll, but partial results indicate a likely ... see more »

  • Mali:  Keita Strengthens in Presidency Bid

    Deutsche Welle, 30 July 2013

    Former Mali Prime Minister Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has stolen a substantial march in the western African nation's presidential election. With around a third of the votes counted by... read more »

  • Mali:  Joy, Anger Follow Election

    Deutsche Welle, 31 July 2013

    Following Mali's presidential election at the weekend initial indications point to a clear victory by Ibrahim Boubacar Keita. The opposition is angry that official results have not... read more »

  • Mali:  French Leaders Claim Peaceful Mali Vote Justifies Military Intervention

    Radio France Internationale, 30 July 2013

    France's embattled Socialist government rushed to welcome a peaceful vote in Mali's presidential election Sunday, claiming it justified the French-led military intervention against... read more »

  • Mali:  France Hails Mali Elections 'A Great Success'

    Radio France Internationale, 29 July 2013

    People across Mali cast ballots yesterday in the country's first presidential vote after more than a year of turmoil under a provisional, unelected government. Some observers and... read more »

  • Mali:  Mali Awaits Presidential Election Results

    Voice of America, 29 July 2013

    Malians are waiting on the government to announce provisional results from Sunday's presidential poll, as authorities salute what they say could mark a historic high voter turnout... read more »

  • Mali:  Peaceful Presidential Election in Mali

    Deutsche Welle, 29 July 2013

    Mali's first election since the coup in March 2012 are intended to mark the country's return to the international community. Initial reports say there were few serious problems -... read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  Double or Nothing - Run-Off Elections Will Raise the Stakes in Mali and Zimbabwe

    Daily Maverick, 30 July 2013

    On a purely theoretical level, run-off elections seem like a great idea. In practice, not so much. With a very high likelihood of both Mali and Zimbabwe heading for a second round... read more »

  • Mali:  Malian Refugees Trickling Back Home

    UN Integrated Regional Information Networks, 26 July 2013

    Malians are slowly returning from refuge in neighbouring Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Niger as stability improves more than a year after a military coup and an insurgency shook the... read more »


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