Africa and West at Odds Over Zimbabwe Polls

The United States, Britain and Australia have stated their blunt disapproval of the Zimbabwean election process and results, whereas the outcome was endorsed by the African Union and Southern African Development Community.
  • Zimbabwe:  Western Backlash Rises Over Zimbabwe Vote

    Voice of America, 5 August 2013

    Zimbabwe's election is receiving wide criticism after longtime President Robert Mugabe swept the vote in an election the opposition says was more »

  • Zimbabwe:  A Chance to Make An Example

    KRL International LLC, 7 August 2013

    President Robert Mugabe won a commanding victory in last week's fundamentally flawed election, claiming 61 percent of the 3.5 million votes casts.Manipulation of the voter rolls,... read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  U.S Says Poll Not Credible, UK Sounds Grave Concern

    New Zimbabwe, 4 August 2013

    THE United States and Britain, which imposed sanctions against Zimbabwe over claims of election fraud, expressed concern after President Robert Mugabe was declared the winner of... read more »


Photo: IRIN

Election day in Mbare, harare