DR Congo's Refugee Displacement Problems

Most of the internally displaced persons in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been forced to flee their homes at least twice and experts say this makes them more vulnerable.
  • Congo-Kinshasa:  Thousands Uprooted, Again

    UN Integrated Regional Information Networks, 1 August 2013

    Since 2012 an estimated one million people have been displaced in the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) eastern provinces of South and North Kivu, major ethnic and political ... read more »

Villagers fleeing from North Kivu.

  • Congo-Kinshasa:  Meet 'Mr Human Rights'

    Radio Netherlands Worldwide, 5 August 2013

    For the past 27 years, Dufina Tabu has been a human rights activist in Goma, a city in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). For his efforts, he's been imprisoned seven ... read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:  UN to Ensure Congolese Refugees Get Education

    The New Times, 1 August 2013

    Education is the best strategy to cushion refugees against all forms of abuse, the UN High Commission for Refugees Country Representative, Neimah Warsame, has said. read more »

  • Uganda:  Thousands of Children Escape Violence in Eastern DRC, Now Seeking Refuge in Uganda

    United Nations Children's Fund, 2 August 2013

    Recent violence near the town of Kamango in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, has forced more than 66,000 Congolese, approximately 55 per cent of whom are children, to ... read more »

  • Zambia:  Congolese Influx Worries Kasanda

    The Times of Zambia, 5 August 2013

    DEPUTY Secretary to the Cabinet Ambassador Peter Kasanda has expressed concern over the influx of Congolese nationals into Zambian territory at the Kasumbalesa border area on the ... read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:  Refugee Defies Odds to Help Others Return Home From DRC Camps

    The New Times, 2 August 2013

    Simon Singirankabo's story is not different from those of other refugees. For close to 20 years, he lived as a refugee in different camps in DRC, and found himself drifting further ... read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:  Peace in the DRC Still Distant

    The New Times, 6 August 2013

    Is the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) anywhere near achieving peace? Hardly, even with the massive deployment of troops, huge expenditure and frantic diplomatic efforts. And ... read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:  Escalating DRC Conflict Pushes Humanitarian Situation to Crisis Levels

    Christian Aid, 2 August 2013

    Despite intermittent peace talks in neighbouring Uganda, the conflict between the DRC national army (FARDC) and the M23 rebel group continues on the ground in eastern DRC. read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:  East Braces for UN-Rebel Clashes

    UN Integrated Regional Information Networks, 2 August 2013

    A UN ultimatum for armed groups around Goma, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC's) North Kivu Province, to disarm, expired on 1 August and a security zone has been ... read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:  Armed Groups Impose 'Gun Law' in Eastern DRC

    Voice of America, 1 August 2013

    People who have fled from the Democratic Republic of Congo's eastern conflict zone say the armed groups that control their villages have imposed a new rule: each family must buy a ... read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:  UN Mission Sets Up Security Zone, Gives Rebels Ultimatum

    UN News Service, 30 July 2013

    The United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) announced today that will, for the first time, use its intervention brigade to enforce a ... read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:  Govt Open to Talks With Armed Groups

    Voice of America, 1 August 2013

    The Democratic Republic of Congo's information minister says the government in Kinshasa is not opposed to holding talks with armed groups to resolve conflicts in the restive parts ... read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:  UN Security Council Condemns ADF Attacks in DRC

    New Vision, 31 July 2013

    The United Nations Security Council has condemned the renewed attacks by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF-NALU) which resulted in 66,000 Congolese refugees and caused casualties ... read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:  UN Mission in Eastern DRC Ineffective, Says Museveni

    The Star, 1 August 2013

    UGANDA'S President Yoweri Museveni yesterday said fighting has erupted in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo because UN peacekeepers "tolerate" rebels. read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:  UN Goes On the Attack in the DRC (Dragging South Africa in With It)

    Daily Maverick, 1 August 2013

    Over the course of its long engagement in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the United Nations has issued plenty of ultimatums. On Tuesday, it issued another one, aimed at the ... read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:  DRC Clashes Leave Traders Counting Losses

    The New Times, 4 August 2013

    More and more Rwandan small traders are either afraid of travelling to Goma or bribe Congolese security officials to take their goods across the border as relations between Rwanda ... read more »

  • Congo-Kinshasa:  UN Sets Up DRC Security Zone

    Voice of America, 1 August 2013

    U.N. forces have established a security zone in two eastern Congolese cities to rid the area of what they call "unauthorized weapons." read more »

  • Rwanda:  Grenade Suspects Say 'FLDR Behind Kigali Attacks'

    News of Rwanda, 6 August 2013

    One of the suspects who manned the recent grenade attack at Nyabugogo Taxi Park in Kigali, has said that he and his colleagues were sent on a mission by their boss, Colonel Enoch ... read more »