Zimbabwe's MDC-T Suspends Top Officials

The Movement for Democratic Change has suspended some of its senior officials for alleged gross indiscipline and promoting disunity in the party.
  • Zimbabwe:  MDC-T Got Themselves to Blame for Election Loss

    Zimbabwe Standard, 13 April 2014

    Ever since the heavy thumping of the MDC-T in the July 2013 harmonised elections, its leaders have cried foul and came up with at times, hugely creative and dramatic reasons on why... read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  MDC-T Rebels Speak On Expulsions

    New Zimbabwe, 11 April 2014

    EXPELLED MDC-T deputy treasurer general Elton Mangoma and his backers have dismissed their expulsion from the opposition party, further accussing party leader Morgan Tsvangirai of... read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  MDC-T Moves to Expel Mangoma

    Zimbabwe Independent, 11 April 2014

    THE troubled MDC-T is moving to expel suspended deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma as well as his lawyer Jacob Mafume, youth secretary general Promise Mkwananzi and Last... read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  Mangoma Refuses to Recognize Expulsion

    SW Radio Africa, 11 April 2014

    The deputy treasurer-general of the MDC-T, Elton Mangoma, does not recognize his expulsion from the party for alleged gross indiscipline, his lawyer said on Friday.read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  D-Day Looms for MDC-T Ahead of Crucial Meetings

    SW Radio Africa, 9 April 2014

    The MDC-T will on Thursday deal with the indiscipline that had crept into the party once and for all, the party spokesman said on Wednesday.read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  MDC-99 'Burns House'

    The Herald, 10 April 2014

    MDC-99 members will not follow their former leader Mr Job Sikhala to the opposition MDC-T as they announced yesterday plans to join the United Democratic Front proposed by... read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  Opposition to Meet Over Infighting

    SW Radio Africa, 8 April 2014

    The next two days will define if the MDC-T will remain united or split again, if warring parties fail to resolve their differences in meetings called for Wednesday and Thursday.read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  Tsvangirai Running Scared

    The Herald, 9 April 2014

    Embattled MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai and his allies will increasingly use "disciplinary" measures to silence officials who are calling for a change of the guard. Addressing... read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  Renewal Team Disputes Tsvangirai's Claims of Unity in MDC-T

    SW Radio Africa, 7 April 2014

    Rebels in the MDC-T, calling for the ouster of party leader Morgan Tsvangirai, have dismissed reports of unity saying all is not rosy in the labour backed movement.read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  Tsvangirai-Led MDC Set for Yet Another Split

    Zimbabwe Standard, 6 April 2014

    THE MDC-T is set for another split after a faction in the party calling for leadership renewal yesterday said their differences with former Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai were... read more »

MDC-T youths

  • Zimbabwe:  Tsvangirai Rivals Dig in, Split Now Imminent

    New Zimbabwe, 5 April 2014

    SIGNS of an imminent MDC-T split became clearer Saturday when party youth assembly secretary general Promise Mkhwananzi convened a press briefing to announce they were going ahead... read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  Analogy of Deceptive Politics

    Financial Gazette, 3 April 2014

    Deception has been a critical mark of politics, since time immemorial. It has been the hallmark of many political leaders and political parties and organisations. I was amazed at... read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  Tsvangirai and Biti Set for One-on-One Talks

    SW Radio Africa, 27 March 2014

    MDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirai and his secretary-general Tendai Biti have agreed to one-on-one talks, to deliberate the toxic issues that nearly split the party.read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  MDC-T Leadership Battle Far From Over

    The Herald, 28 March 2014

    SUSPENDED MDC-T deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma is in a fighting mood. (I don't care whether he is popular or not, so that's beside the point.) On the other hand,... read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  MDC-T Battle Rages On

    Zimbabwe Independent, 28 March 2014

    THE raging battle for the heart and soul of MDC-T continues behind the scenes despite an announcement by party leader Morgan Tsvangirai this week that the warring parties had found... read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  Zanu-PF Raps MDC-T Over Party Cash Demands

    The Herald, 27 March 2014

    MDC-T's demand that Treasury releases US$3 million to be shared between it and Zanu-PF shows that the opposition is insensitive to the prevailing economic situation, ruling party... read more »