Vote Counting Under Way in South Africa

The ANC is projected to win the country's general election despite issues like President Zuma's Nkandla residence and a campaign by former party members promoting spoiled ballots, experts say.
  • South Africa:  IEC's Results Centre Ready to Count, 7 May 2014

    The Independent Electoral Commission's (IEC) national Results Operations Centre (ROC) is ready to count the millions of votes that are being cast in the country's fifth democratic... read more »

  • South Africa:  Ruling ANC Expected to Lose Ground in Elections

    Deutsche Welle, 6 May 2014

    Ahead of presidential elections in South Africa, many voters have been expressing dissatisfaction with the performance of the ruling African National Congress (ANC). Analysts... read more »

  • South Africa:  Voting Going Smoothly West of Pretoria, 7 May 2014

    IEC officials have reported that voting in Atteridgeville, west of Pretoria, is continuing smoothly with no incidents reported so more »

  • South Africa:  Government Urges South Africans to Vote

    South African Government, 7 May 2014

    Government calls on all South Africans, especially young and first-time voters, to exercise their democratic right to more »

  • South Africa:  Voting Gets Off to a Smooth Start, 7 May 2014

    A large number of voting stations have opened across the country without any hiccups, says Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Chief Electoral Officer, Mosotho more »

  • South Africa:  Government Welcomes Smooth Start to Elections, 7 May 2014

    Government has welcomed the update provided by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) that shows that the 2014 General Elections are "well organised and proceeding peacefully".read more »

  • South Africa:  President Zuma Makes His Mark, 7 May 2014

    President Jacob Zuma has cast his vote at Ntolwane Primary School in KwaNxamalala, near his birthplace in Nkandla, in more »

  • South Africa:  South Africa's Elections - a Hollow Victory for the ANC?

    Chatham House, 6 May 2014

    The African National Congress (ANC) will win a majority in South Africa's presidential and parliamentary elections on 7 May but it will be a hollow victory and usher in a period of... read more »

  • South Africa:  Why Some South Africans Are Voting 'No!'

    African Arguments, 6 May 2014

    South Africans take to the polls tomorrow in the country's fifth democratic elections since the end of apartheid. But, unlike 1994, the mood is far from celebratory - 20 years on... read more »

  • South Africa:  South Africans to Vote Wednesday

    Voice of America, 6 May 2014

    South Africa's Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is fully prepared to administer the national and provincial elections on Wednesday, says Kate more »

  • South Africa:  South Africa - Views From the Left

    AfricaFocus, 5 May 2014

    No one doubts that the ANC will win this week's election in South Africa, as it has the four previous democratic elections beginning in 1994. But it is also clear that... read more »

Standing in line to vote (file photo).


  • Nigeria:  150 South Africans Vote in Nigeria

    Premium Times, 30 April 2014

    About 150 South Africans on Wednesday cast their votes in Nigeria ahead of their national and provincial elections slated for May more »

  • South Africa:  Elections 2014 - Expats All Set to Vote, 29 April 2014

    The thousands of South Africans living overseas who have registered to vote in this year's national elections will cast their votes when polls open around the world, beginning with... read more »

  • South Africa:  Overseas Voters - Your Vote Can Make History!

    Democratic Alliance, 30 April 2014

    At 21h00 (SAT) this evening, South Africans living in Wellington, New Zealand, will cast the first votes in the 2014 general election. The last overseas voting station will close... read more »

  • South Africa:  South African Election Coverage Begins On BBC World News

    Biz-Community, 30 April 2014

    BBC World News launches its South African election coverage with instant messaging trial and TV debate special in early May more »

  • South Africa:  Voting Abroad Set to Begin, 29 April 2014

    South Africans living in New Zealand will be the first to cast their votes at 9pm South African time as voting abroad more »

  • South Africa:  These Are the Times That Try Men's Souls

    Daily Maverick, 29 April 2014

    The election is focusing on a growing litany of big and little corruptions and bureaucratic follies or worse. But is the real crisis one over the health and survival of the... read more »

  • South Africa:  Voting At SA Missions Abroad to Proceed, 29 April 2014

    The Department of International Relations and Cooperation says it is satisfied that all necessary arrangements have been made for South Africans living abroad to vote in the 2014... read more »

  • South Africa:  The Post-Madiba SA Elections

    The Namibian, 29 April 2014

    THE holding of general elections in South Africa coincides with the country's 20th anniversary of the demise of more »

  • South Africa:  Spoils of Power and the Spoiling of Ballots

    Daily Maverick, 24 April 2014

    "It is common to oppose a truth, but impossible to resist a story", said spiritual writer Anthony de Mello. Twenty years ago democracy was about enabling people to cast their vote... read more »

  • South Africa:  Celebrate Democracy With Your Right to Vote, 23 April 2014

    South Africa will hold its fifth democratic national and provincial elections on May 7. These elections will be historic as they coincide with the anniversary of 20 Years of... read more »

  • South Africa:  State Broadcaster Accused of 'Bias'

    Voice of America, 24 April 2014

    South Africa's State Broadcasting Cooperation (SABC) is being accused by the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of employing Apartheid-era media tactics after the state... read more »

  • Southern Africa:  'RSA Elections Crucial for SADC - Kapewasha

    New Era, 24 April 2014

    The upcoming elections in South Africa are crucial for the region because post-election problems in the neighbouring country could spell trouble for all Southern Africa Development... read more »