Focus on Building Resilient Cities to Improve Lives

Developing viable, livable and resilient cities is increasingly seen as being of critical importance to giving opportunities to Africans to improve their lives.In a series on how Africans are building resilient cities, AllAfrica is examing how people are improving their lives in ways ranging from recycling waste, saving electricity and growing their own food to using containers as toilets and cutting carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. Follow the series on our Urban Issues page.

  • South Africa:  City Women Generate Food & Income on Tiny Urban Plots, 6 May 2014

    "It's a lot of work", says Mama Lulama Jim as she takes respite from the wind in a makeshift container kitchen. She pauses to study her notes made during an early morning... read more »

Organic vegetables sorted into packets before being placed in crates.

Photo Essay

  • Africa:  Most New Jobs Will Be Urban, 14 May 2014

    Excerpts from "Cities of Hope", published by the Centre for Development and Enterprise in Johannesburg: read more »

  • Africa:  Mayors Seek Bigger Role In Climate Change, 8 May 2014

    Some of Africa's biggest cities are joining an international drive by city governments to respond to global climate more »

  • Africa:  Lagos, City of Dreams and Nightmares

    World Economic Forum, 8 May 2014

    A few hundred miles from Abuja, the host city of the World Economic Forum on Africa 2014, lies the sprawling city of Lagos. This city, more than any other in Africa, illustrates... read more »

  • Africa:  Urban Planners Skeptical of 'Smart Cities', 7 May 2014

    Urban planning experts are anxious that what they call “fantasy designs” for new African “smart cities” will serve the interests of African elites and... read more »

  • South Africa:  Joburg Goes From Landfill Gas to Electricity

    City of Johannesburg, 20 January 2014

    Climate change is a reality. Johannesburg has experienced flooding, heat waves, hailstorms and other extreme weather more »

  • South Africa:  Joburg's R110 Billion Investment On Infrastructure

    City of Johannesburg, 24 January 2014

    Weather patterns across the City of Johannesburg (CoJ) have shifted significantly with higher temperatures, more intense rainfall events, increasing the risk of flooding and... read more »

  • South Africa:  Joburg Reduces Co2 Emissions

    City of Johannesburg, 22 January 2014

    Transport is the backbone of Johannesburg's economy and plays a significant role in connecting the historically displaced communities of the metropolis. In light of this, the City... read more »

  • South Africa:  Cape Town - Africa's First Green City?

    UN Integrated Regional Information Networks, 22 May 2007

    South Africa's drought-stricken coastal city of Cape Town is forging ahead with a plan to tackle the effects of climate change, which could provide a blueprint for other urban... read more »