Malawi Court Rejects Bid to Annul Poll

The high court has blocked President Joyce Banda's effort to scrap an election despite alleging fraud and rampant irregularities.


  • Malawi:  Banda Demands Manual Counting of Poll Results, Claims Rigging

    Malawi News Agency, 22 May 2014

    President Dr. Joyce Banda Thursday demanded Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to manually count all votes in order to have a free and fair election. read more »

  • Malawi:  MEC Resorts to Manual Counting of Poll Results

    Malawi News Agency, 22 May 2014

    Contrary to the expected computerised system that Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) introduced, Blantyre Tally Centre resorted to the old way of analysing results manually after ... read more »

  • Malawi:  Malawians Protest Election Results

    Voice of America, 21 May 2014

    Political parties in Malawi are protesting the government's decision to publicize preliminary election results while voting is still underway. read more »

  • Malawi:  Find Proper Platform of Announcing Results - JB

    Malawi News Agency, 22 May 2014

    President Dr. Joyce Banda has called upon the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to find a proper platform of announcing the elections results rather than relying upon radio ... read more »

  • Malawi:  Tight Race in Election

    Deutsche Welle, 21 May 2014

    Voting spilled over into a second day in Malawian elections. Nyasa Times editor told DW, he never thought that the day would come, when Malawians could not predict who would be ... read more »

  • Malawi:  Chaos Mars Start of Malawian 2014 Tripartite Poll

    Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa, 21 May 2014

    Late opening of polling stations, missing ballot papers and voters' registers characterised voting in Malawi today as voters queued-up to cast their ballots in Presidential, ... read more »

  • Malawi:  MEC Attributes Voting Irregularities to Logistical Problems

    Malawi News Agency, 20 May 2014

    The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) on Tuesday attributed various irregularities that have locked the ongoing voting exercise to logistical problems. read more »

Voters on the queue at Kanjedza School in Blantyre.

  • Malawi:  Malawi's Election Preview - Not Perfect, but It's a Start

    Daily Maverick, 19 May 2014

    Malawians heading to the polls on Tuesday may well ask themselves if there is anyone truly deserving of their vote. In negative campaigns dominated by style over substance, none of ... read more »

  • Malawi:  Election Support Body Highlights Poll Issues

    Malawi Electoral Support Network, 19 May 2014

    The Malawi Electoral Support Network (MESN) under the banner of the Malawi Election Information Centre (MEIC) would like to highlight a number of pertinent issues that could ... read more »

  • Malawi:  MEC Extends Voting Time

    Malawi Electoral Support Network, 20 May 2014

    Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Justice Maxon Mbendera has announced the extension of voting from 18.00 to 2100 hours at polling stations which were disrupted in the ... read more »

  • Malawi:  MEC Refutes Rumours of Security Officers Voting Ahead of 20 May

    Malawi News Agency, 16 May 2014

    The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has refuted rumours circulating that officers of the Malawi Police Service and the Malawi Defence Forces have already voted. read more »