Liberia Vows 'Decisive' Response to Protest

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has vowed that because of the precedence the violent protest in the mining town of Yekepa could set, "we will send a message to deter any such occurrence again, either in Nimba or anywhere else in the country".

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    FrontPageAfrica, 10 July 2014

    Last weekend's riots that saw the looting and vandalizing of properties belonging to Arcellor Mittal continues to receive condemnations, but FrontPageAfrica has learned that the… Read more »

A mountain-side site of Arcelor Mittal, 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Yekepa.

  • Liberia:   Sirleaf Vows to Respond 'Decisively' to Protest

    Govt of Liberia, 8 July 2014

    President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has vowed that perpetrators of the violent protest at the Acelor Mittal facilities on July 3rd and 4th will have their day in court, and justice… Read more »

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    FrontPageAfrica, 5 July 2014

    The Government of Liberia says the National Police has restored calm to the mining city of Yekepa, Nimba County and the concession area of Arcelor Mittal, after individuals… Read more »

  • Liberia:   Calm Restored to Yekepa - Ring Leaders Arrested

    Govt of Liberia, 4 July 2014

    The Liberia National Police (LNP) has restored calm to the mining city of Yekepa, Nimba County and the concession area of Arcelor Mittal, after individuals identifying themselves… Read more »

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    The United Nation's repeated assertions that Liberia remains fragile despite immense post-war progress received perhaps its clearest dose of reality last weekend when armed vandals… Read more »

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    Observer, 23 October 2014

    We fail to understand why some people of Nimba County always force us to ask, "what is wrong with Nimba?" Why are they always putting themselves and their county negatively in the… Read more »

  • Liberia:   39 Nimba Thugs Arrested

    New Republic, 7 July 2014

    36 of the alleged more than 400 deviants who stormed and vandalized ArcelorMittal'sTokadeh Mine have been arrested and brought to Monrovia for questioning. Read more »

  • Liberia:   PUL Condemns Nimba Violence

    New Dawn, 8 July 2014

    The Press Union of Liberia or PUL has condemned last week's violence that disrupted normal activities at Arcelor Mittal in Nimba County, terming the act as unacceptable and a… Read more »

  • Liberia:   Police Make Several Arrests in Nimba

    New Dawn, 8 July 2014

    The Liberian Government says police have made preliminary pick-ups of suspects in Yekepa, Nimba County for investigation into the violent demonstration and alleged looting of… Read more »

  • Liberia:   Bloody Clash in Nimba County

    New Dawn, 7 July 2014

    At least five protesters and six officers of the Liberia National Police or LNP sustained gunshot wounds when rampaging youths from towns near ArcelorMittal-Liberia operations in… Read more »

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